Rencontrez Dominique Siacci, CTO

Rencontrez Elena Debonis, Social Media & Community Manager

Rencontrez Marc Leonardi, BackEnd Developer

Rencontrez Lisa Colombani — Project Manager

Rencontrez Sérgio Miranda, Scrum Master


GoodBarber is a software publisher that develops a content management system to create native apps for iPhone and Android. Targeting non-developers, the GoodBarber mobile CMS is a tool to unify the customer's web presence in a single application and interact with the audience. The GoodBarber mobile CMS allows every content producer, from individuals to large companies, to create and distribute a Beautiful App on the App Store and Google Play. GoodBarber emphasizes design. Through a very intuitive interface, users can customize their applications with very fine details. They can start from scratch or choose inspiration from many professional models.

What they are looking for

GoodBarber focuses on two aspects when looking for new collaborators - hard skills and soft skills. While hard skills are dependant of the role, soft skills are a constant no matter the position, team or department you'll join. Therefore, GoodBarber looks, first and foremost, for people-oriented people. What does this mean? That they look for collaborators that look to improve together with their colleagues, sharing and embracing knowledge from varying sources. Future collaborators should understand this is a communicative company where everyone has a chance to leave a mark and to lead empowering work in a fast-paced sector and in very diverse projects.

Good to know

GoodBarber is an enterprise that bets on its personnel. Not just through great infrastructure, training, development and other clear-cut work-related elements, but also on the "not so obvious" ones, after all, they have their own work playlists, they welcome friendly competition through their, very competitive and exciting, football matches, and they embrace their location in order to create different team-bonding/building activities. So don't be shocked if you ever find any of them jetskiing, canyoning, or enjoying any other activity.

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