AdTech/MarTech, Aplicaciones móviles, Inteligencia artificial/Aprendizaje automático, Marketing/Comunicación, Prensa escrita, Publicidad, SaaS/Servicios en la nube, Software

Paris, Berlin, London, Milano


FRAMEN is a content streaming platform for screens in semi-public spaces. This media tech scale-up enables content playback on all standard screens in commercially utilized areas.

Through FRAMEN, advertisers and location providers can connect and share relevant content with their target audiences and create memorable brand experiences across the globe with cross-country campaigns.

What they are looking for

FRAMEN is committed to innovation, creativity and exceeding our customers' needs by always being proactive. We promote entrepreneurship within the company, and that's why we're looking for real entrepreneurs.

People who think "outside the box", who don't lack the imagination to bring projects to fruition in all areas (sales, marketing, tech, product etc.).

Good to know

FRAMEN is growing fast, with new markets, new offers and new services constantly being developed.

The key to success is to be dedicated, and willing to evolve in a fast-paced international environment.

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