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Senior Web developer

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Welcome to Cala 👋

Cala is a food-tech startup building and operating robotic restaurants for the pick-up and delivery markets. We deeply believe that technology has the potential to bring immeasurable value to all areas of our lives and its impact on what we eat has been unsatisfying. We are changing that.

Job description

Our mission is to make high-quality food more accessible

Historically, the Fast-food industry has done everything it could to reduce its food cost to cope with increasing real-estate and labor costs. We do the opposite. We use the productivity gains from our robot to invest in high-quality locally sourced ingredients, we prepare them carefully in insanely good and infinitely customizable recipes and serve them in a delightful customer-centric experience.

As a collection of individuals, we are deeply concerned by the climate crisis but we are also aware of the green washing that most companies use to oversell themselves so here are a few initiatives we took: There are vegetarian options everyday in our restaurant, we take "lack of plastic wastes" as one of our design criteria when designing systems for our robots, we source a majority of our ingredients locally, we choose a more expensive but environmentally friendly transporter to deliver our home-made sauce to our restaurant.

Our work is structured around 5 core virtues:

We optimize for Long term, Positive, Measurable impact

- We shy away from bullshit metrics and virtue signaling and instead focus on having an impact.

We practice proactive transparency

- We use transparency as the cornerstone of trust we build with our customers and the responsibility we build with our team.

We use rational thinking

- We use first-principle thinking to make informed decisions and deconstruct the status quo.

We move step by step

- We take Gall's law at heart: "All complex systems that work evolved from simpler systems that worked" and build failure and iteration as part of the process.

We get hands on

- We move exceptionally fast by doing by approaching every problem asking "Can we do it ourselves?"

Who you'll work with 🏀

We value speed a lot so we work in a project-oriented manner. Everyone is the owner of a specific project that they are in charge of delivering. They can gather input and help from other team members (engineers, marketing, kitchen...) and make decisions about how the project should be executed. They are also responsible for proactively communicating their progress to the rest of the team.

👨‍💻 👩🏿‍💻 The software team

We are currently a team of 3, Martin, lead developer, Alexis, embedded systems engineer working on the robot firmware and Nicolas, CTO. We use Github and Height to manage our projects and tasks.

🔎 Our architecture

A mobile app from a home made design

A backoffice to monitor our robot and manage stock (aliment creation, menu creation)

The API serving the robot, the backoffice and the mobile

A scheduler to accept and plan the customer orders

A commander sending all commands to every robot system motors to create a dish

The robot architecture with our own PCB and micro controllers

🛠️ Tech stack

Frontend: React, Apollo, SemanticUI

Mobile: React Native, Styled component

Backend: NodeJS, GraphQL, Sequelize, PostgreSQL

Robot: Rust (Clouded), Python, Luos

DevOps: Docker, Kubernetes

What you'll do 🛠️

  • 📱Development
  • You'll update our backoffice design and add new features from our backlog managing priorities.

    You'll own the backoffice, choosing new dependancies thinking about maintainability and efficiency, proposing code refactor, optimising the team experience.

    You'll be in charge of our backoffice allowing the team to monitor the robot (refill, communication, cleaning) and allowing to schedule menu and stock.

    You'll have to inform about do-ability limitations for design and new features asked by the product team.

  • 🧩 Self-training
  • You'll be able to keep you informed about tech news

    Who you are 🎨

  • You already have worked in a startup and have at least two years of React experience.
  • You look for opportunities to pick up new technical skills and soak them up like a sponge. You know your knowledge gaps and know when to seek advices or additional information from your peers, the internet or experts.
  • You are a creative problem solver and you don't limit yourself to what's been done before.
  • You are comfortable in a fast paced environment in which you'll need to make rational decisions on a daily basis.
  • You can gather context before starting your work and proactively report your progress and hurdles to your peers and your managers.
  • You are able to adapt yourself to people you are speaking with, explaining complex mobile concepts even to non tech people
  • ☎️ Phone call —fit interview

    Learning about you (background, personality, wishes)

    Pitch of Cala

    Basic technical questions

    🥎 Meet Martin our lead developer— fit interview

    Question about best practices

    Question about basic knowledge

    Question about the way you work

    🔨 Technical interview case study —(full day at Cala)

    Case study

    Working on a real feature with us

    Real world problem to solve

    Interview with a team member

    Meet a Cala employee for a quick dialog

    Interview with Ylan (CEO)

    📞. Referrals calls

    More questions?

    🦄 We work in an atypical office blending industrial workshop, professional kitchens and open spaces with a team of cooks, software engineers and robotics engineers.

    📍 We are based at Colombes but will be relocating closer to Paris in the coming months.

    🏠 Remote friendly

    Meet the Cala team

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