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A first part of his career in the world of semiconductors and the second part in startups as successively co-founder, executive and consultant in development & industrialization of high tech products and industrial strategy in the USA and Europe. Thierry will join Aryballe in 2015 to take charge of the development of the first electronic nose and since then of all the Company's products.

After a long experience in the consumer and semiconductor industries, Sam co-founded a first start-up, which he managed until its acquisition in 2014. He joins the team that Tristan assembled around the Aryballe project in 2015. Sam has been running the company since the end of 2017.

After a ten-year incursion into virology, Fanny turned to marketing via an MBA at Emlyon before joining Aryballe in 2016. Motivated by the novelty and interdisciplinary nature of the technology and by the diversity of possible applications - from cosmetics to automotive - Fanny took over the position of Global Product Manager in early 2019 and is responsible for Aryballe's entire product portfolio at the interface between customers and internal teams. When she's not sailing between backlogs and other PRDs, Fanny is out hiking in the Grenoble mountains or unfolding her yoga mat.

After completing his studies in Nanosciences at Ecole Centrale de Lyon in 2018, Kirill completed his final internship at Aryballe. Motivated to continue in the sensory and digital field, Kirill had the opportunity to start his career at Aryballe as a Research and Development Engineer. Deeply interested in the relationships with Aryballe's partners and customers, Kirill finally moved to the position of Application Engineer.

Holder of a PhD in Physics and Chemistry of Materials, Jie has a dual academic and industrial background. Through 17 years of experience in surface chemistry for applications in biotechnology and nanotechnology.  Jie is the author of 21 scientific publications and 4 patents. He joined Aryballe in 2019, with the objective to develop and industrialize the chemical processes allowing the integration of bio-sensors in Aryballe products.


Aryballe, took up the challenge to imitate the human nose! The company was founded in 2014, based on an innovative odor detection technology from the Institut de Nanosciences (INAC) of the CEA in Grenoble. Since then, the company has developed a unique technology of Olfaction, based on several fundraising campaigns with financial partners and major industrial groups. Digital by combining a multitude of skills, from chemistry, biology, optics, data sciences to machine learning. Aryballe’s hardware-enabled software and dataware delivers consistent, objective odor data and analysis that helps organizations harness the power of smell.

There are many cases of use in the fields of Flavors and Fragrances, Automotive, Household Appliances, but also in the field of Health. Many major players in these different markets have already shown their keen interest in the solutions proposed by Aryballe. With a presence in France (Grenoble), Germany, the United States and South Korea, the company now has a multidisciplinary and multicultural team with a about fifty people.

What they are looking for

Aryballe is looking for talented women and men that are able to work collaboratively, with a spirit of curiosity and dedication to delivering the next evolution in smart sensors. Aryballe is currently transitioning from an R&D to commercial organization interest in working in a fast-paced start up environment is a must!

Good to know

Some of the perks of working at Aryballe include day-to-day collaboration with a truly global team, working in an entrepreneurial environment, and lots and lots of cakes. The company is committed to combining the professional success of its employees with their well-being:

  • Opportunity to contribute to innovative projects and benefit from Numerous career opportunities (assumption of responsibility, management of strategic projects, management, international secondments ...)
  • Pleasant working environment: booming neighborhood, public transportation, original premises and varied work spaces (collaborative open spaces, cosy spaces, meeting rooms, amphitheater and convivial kitchen area).
  • Excellent working environment: Home office, flexible organization, ...but also regular convivial moments (teambuilding, breakfasts, afterwork, ...).

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