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Sonia Valente is an author and certified career transition coach passionate about multipotentialite professionals

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“Find your path in life.” The injunction to find one’s calling isn’t for everyone. What if you wanted to go down several paths instead of taking a one-way street? This question has preoccupied Valente throughout her varied career. Never one to pursue a single career, she’s avoided specialisation for fear of feeling trapped in one role.
 After studying law at the University of Bordeaux, Valente started her career working as a human resources employment lawyer. Her career seemed to be all mapped out. But then she felt the overwhelming desire to try her hand at anything and everything. She’s since gone on to explore new professional horizons, including writing, entrepreneurship and coaching. What’s more, she has no intentions of stopping there. With every new opportunity, Valente’s motto is, “Why not?” This intrepid multipotentialite is the perfect guide for exploring non-linear ways of building a career. To help others like her – people who ace a variety of disciplines but don’t fit into just one mould – she decided to write a book. She is now more convinced than ever that varied and generalist career paths are the future. Through her work, Valente seeks to raise awareness of the challenges faced by multipotentialites and help those looking for change find one – or more! – professional paths to meet their adventurous personalities.

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