They are a Pricing software solution combining state of the art tech capabilities, advanced analytics techniques including AI/ML and unique pricing expertise.

They allow their customers (CDiscount, Rent a Car, Kiloutou, Skiset …) to better manage their prices. With most industries going through an omnichannel revolution with different competitors on every front and very dynamic markets, Excel is outdated to manage and optimize pricing. This is where they jump in with a solution that allows their customers to capture huge revenue and productivity gains through enhanced price management, leveraging technology and advanced data approaches. They are a team of 45, backed by international VCs, they capitalize on great client references and have huge growth ambition.

What they are looking for

To achieve its limitless ambition, Pricemoov needs very diverse profiles for different jobs: product manager, developers, business developers...

Pricemoov is above all looking for agile people, adept at "no bullshit" and eager to use technological innovation to crack an essential problem common to all companies: Defining the ideal price.

People at Pricemoov's are curious, innovative, impactful and resilient at solving complex problems.

Good to know

Their perks:

  • Flex Office or Full Remote
  • A Welcome Breakfast
  • An Afterwork every 15 days
  • One seminar every quarter
  • RTT
  • Unlimited coffee, tea and fruits
  • Workshops on different themes throughout the year
  • The Meal Voucher Card
  • Alan Mutual
  • Bicycle kilometers are compensated

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