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Lead Qualification Specialist – Apprenticeship

Resumen del puesto
Profesionalización(12 meses)
Salario: No especificado
Fecha de inicio: 19 de marzo de 2024
Unos días en casa
Formación: Ciclo formativo grado superior
Competencias y conocimientos
Marketing y ventas
Colaboración y trabajo en equipo
Formación y desarrollo


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Your mission:

The lead qualification specialist is someone who develops business by assessing leads generated by marketing efforts to determine their readiness to progress through the sales funnel. By using various criteria, such as lead demographics, behavior, and engagement with marketing materials, to determine whether leads meet the qualifications set by Wallix before passing them on to the sales team for further sales cycle.

In other words:

Lead profiling & Data Quality

•       Review incoming leads to assess their potential value,

•       Examine lead information such as contact details, company size, industry and any interactions with marketing content or channel,

•       Apply predefined qualification criteria to determine whether leads meet the necessary standard to progress in sales funnel,

•       Use Sales Navigator, Buying Intent, IA, Marketing Automation tools… and Account Based Marketing methodologies to support this profiling process.

Communication & Collaboration

•       Engage with leads to gather additional information or clarify details to ensure accurate profiling criteria,

•       Work closely with both marketing and sales teams:

- Collaborate with marketing to refine lead generation strategies and ensure alignment on qualification criteria,

- Pass qualified leads to the sales team, providing them with relevant context and information.

Why joining us?

Prepare your career path!

·        You have a direct impact on business growth,

·        Valuable skill development,

·        Collaborative and international environment,

·        Career advancement: grow within the organization, develop both marketing and sales experiences,

·        This apprenticeship (which can start as an internshipship if desired) can also provide opportunities to progress within our rapidly growing company.


You are the right person for us if:

·        You are Curious: curiosity is crucial in a constantly evolving field like cybersecurity. It will enable you to stay informed about the latest trends and developments, helping you make informed decisions when qualifying leads,

·        You enjoy continuous learning: in a dynamic technological environment, this will allow you to quickly adapt to new tools and methods,

·        You are comfortable with digital tools:  given the digital nature of our work, mastery of digital tools is essential. This skill will enable you to navigate through lead management software with ease,

·        You speak English very well: in an international context, mastery of English is essential for strengthen our positioning in the global market and facilitate collaboration within our team.

By highlighting these essential qualities, we are seeking candidates who will be able to contribute effectively to the WALLIX team as Lead Qualification Specialists – Apprenticeship.

We are ready to welcome you tomorrow! If you are interested, Apply now! 😊

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