Lemon Learning

Lemon Learning

Sales Development Representative (SDR) US market - Native English

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Lemon Learning

Lemon Learning

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    Sales Development Representative (SDR) US market - Native English

    • Indefinido 
    • Fecha de inicio:  
    • Paris
    • Teletrabajo a tiempo partial
    • Licenciatura / Máster
    • > 1 año


    Lemon Learning est une startup technologique en pleine croissance, spécialisée dans la formation aux logiciels SAAS (tels que Salesforce, SAP, Google Apps) : une problématique majeure dans la digitalisation des organisations.

    Lemon propose une innovation pédagogique : “le learning by doing”, en intégrant des guides interactifs personnalisés directement dans les applications, ce qui permet aux utilisateurs d’être guidés pas à pas.

    Job description

    About us:

    Lemon Learning is a fast-growing technology startup specialising in training for SaaS software (Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, etc.), a major challenge in the digitalization of organisations.

    At the heart of our project is our belief in active learning through doing, rather than passive training. Lemon Learning accelerates user adoption by integrating directly in users’ everyday applications to offer them in-app guidance and boost their productivity.

    Our ambition is to be the European leader in the field of digital adoption platforms. We quickly recruit talented and ambitious profiles around three key values: innovation, commercial efficiency and a customer-centric approach.

    Your mission @LemonLearning :

    As a Sales Development Representative (SDR), your role is to generate a maximum of sales opportunities (mostly outbound using emails) for the Sales team by identifying, contacting and qualifying prospects corresponding to the target of Lemon Learning (C-levels). You will have a direct contribution to Lemon Learning’s expansion in North America (US & Canada).
    You will work with the sales and marketing department and country managers to develop the customer acquisition strategy, and discover a business approach that is courageous, demanding and respectful of both our customers and our mission to help millions of employees get started with software more easily.

    Our approach is focused on efficiency and the ability to deliver a value-added solution to the customer; this approach can be considered consultative selling and begins with the first contacts.

    On a typical day, you might:

    • Create lists of targets that could need our solution, especially decision makes which are interesting for Lemon Learning. This is the most strategic part of your activity to maximize efficiency.
    • Once your list is ready, you will adapt the speech and communication according to your targets (by
      profession, industry and country) with the help of our marketing team to generate a maximum of
      commercial meetings.
    • When your acquisition campaign is launched, you will follow-up on your leads and keep track of KPIs to
      ensure that we meet our sales objectives over time
    • You will also manage the CRM and fill in crucial information for the sales team about your targets
      (prospects and companies) to have a clear mapping of their internal organization and ensure a smooth
    • Using social media effectively is also part of your job to engage with prospects, especially Linkedin.
    • Do cold calling (depending on your abilities)

    Onboarding and coaching are fundamental to our method:

    Phase 1: 0-1 month
    Understand what we do and how we work and take your first meeting
    Get in motion / Cold call simulation
    Achieve first success / Onboarding sessions with your manager
    Simulation with your manager

    Phase 2: 1-2 months
    Close your first customer.
    Onboarding sessions with your manager
    Follow up meeting of 30 min each to check the pipe and objectives

    Phase 3: 3-4 months
    Onboarding on request!

    Preferred experience

    We’d love to meet someone who:

    • is having an mandatory English Native level
    • have excellent writing skills
    • is very detail oriented
    • have an analytical mindset
    • is clever, curious and keen on learning new skills.
    • is solid as a rock and doesn’t give up easily.
    • have an appetite for IT and new technologies.
    • is willing to deal with all kinds of prospects within big companies.
    • want to get onboard a successful startup in a fast growing environment.

    We expect you to be proactive and communicate ideas and insights with your colleagues to improve overall sales performance. As part of the international team you will attend business events with the country managers from time to time.

    We offer you a strong onboarding experience with internal coaching from the whole sales team, you will have 1on1 training sessions every week.

    Recruitment process

    If you would like to apply to this role; please send a CV to: work@lemonlearning.fr
    Please make sure you mention the job reference: SDR US_Canada Native English

    Meet the team

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    Lemon Learning

    Lemon Learning

    • Education, IT / Digital

    Sales Development Representative (SDR) US market - Native English

    • Indefinido 
    • Fecha de inicio:  
    • Paris
    • Teletrabajo a tiempo partial
    • Licenciatura / Máster
    • > 1 año
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