Coder stories

Stories from the playground.

Developers evolve in a complex and changing environment. We can learn a lot by listening to the tales of those that have already paved a path and by meeting people who are willing to share their thoughts and knowledge about programming and technologies.

The One Who Co-created Siri

Co-creator of the voice assistant Siri, Luc Julia discusses how the back end for Siri was built at Apple, and shares his vision of the future of AI.

How The URL Was Built

Let's explore the history and role of each of the components that make up the URL!

Under Discussion: The Evolution of Swift

We met up with Erica Sadun and Pavel Zak to discuss how the language Swift has grown over the past six years and the ways it still needs to change.

Extending the Limits of CSS

Developers are increasingly finding new ways to extend the limits of CSS, proving that there’s more to the language than just style.

How Python Became the Popular Choice

With the popularity of Python with programmers still growing, we tried to understand how it became one of the most impactful languages in the world.

The One Who Experiments

Hakim El Hattab co-created He discusses here his approach to producing creative visuals and the importance of questioning things.

Rust: Built to Last

We looked at the history of Rust and talked to Steve Klabnik and Ashley Williams, two current members of the Rust core team.

The One Who Created His Own Path

Currently Program Manager at Microsoft, Chris Heilmann discusses his experience of working for Yahoo and Mozilla and the role of developer evangelist.

The One Who Created Elixir

Creator of Elixir and cofounder of Plataformatec, José Valim discusses the lessons he learned while creating Elixir and his involvement in its future.

EuRuKo 2019: A Recap

On June 21, the European Ruby Conference welcomed several hundred Rubyists aboard a historic ship. Read the recap!

The One Who Coauthors Scikit-learn

Alexandre Gramfort discusses how it all started with scikit-learn and the importance of providing the right tools for avoiding statistical mistakes.

The One Who Kept VLC Free

Jean-Baptiste Kempf discusses how he initially got involved in VLC and shares his tips for developers who want to improve and get hired.

The Origin Story of Data Science

Let’s meet the four people who pushed the boundaries of statistics: John Tukey, John Chambers, Leo Breiman, and Bill Cleveland.

The One Who Chose to Put People First

Mark Dalrymple discusses how it all started with programming and CocoaHeads and how developing relationships helped him to build his career!

dotGo 2019: A Recap

dotGo 2019 is a one-day TED Talk-style event which focuses on the Go language. Here’s our summary of this year’s presenters and their talks!

React Amsterdam 2019: A Recap

Read the recap of the React Amsterdam 2019 conference that was held on April 12 and welcomed 1,300 attendees!

Why Go for Redis when You Can Use Mnesia?

This article covers what happened when WTTJ implemented Mnesia, including the difficulties we encountered and the results we got. Check it out!

The One Who Created Languages

Anders Hejlsberg talks about his career, the languages Turbo Pascal, C#, TypeScript and gives advice to developers.

dotSwift 2019: A Recap

The dotSwift conf focuses on the ways the Swift language can be leveraged to solve challenges and build apps. Read the recap of the 2019 edition!

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