Talent Acquisition Specialist

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    Talent Acquisition Specialist

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    At Joko, we leverage technology to power and free up the shopping experience. Our ambition is to build a product used every day by hundreds of millions of consumers around the world. A product that makes their shopping experience simpler, smoother and more rewarding.

    Joko was created in 2018 by Xavier, Alexandre and Nicolas and the team has reached great milestones already:

    • Close to 1m users
    • 1200+ merchant partners
    • €12m+ raised from European investors
    • 30 team members
    • €4b transactions processed

    Our values:

    • We set the bar high
    • We get things done
    • We care for others
    • We never stop learning
    • We make it fun

    If you want to know more about how it is to work at Joko, check out this page.

    Job description

    At Joko, we believe that a small team combined with a strong talent density can achieve exceptional goals. This is our vision of talent acquisition. As the team is growing, we are looking for brilliant candidates through a qualitative and personalized approach of sourcing, and hiring.

    As Talent Acquisition Specialist, your main mission will be to design and implement the best practices to identify, attract, assess and coach the most talented people.

    You will report to our People Operations Manager and you will interact closely with hiring managers and founders.

    1/ You will identify and create significant bonds with talents and relevant communities, in order to make Joko’s talent pools grow and live.

    Among the things you will work on:

    • Identify, develop and maintain multi-channel but personalized sourcing methods.
    • Make all our team members become incredible talent acquisition specialists, by providing advices and trainings on the best ways to recruit the best talents.
    • Design and implement good practices to build strong & long-term relationships with relevant people and talent communities, from backgrounds as diverse as possible.

    2/ You will build and maintain an exceptional and inclusive hiring process, and will assist and coach candidates throughout it, in order to create a learning and enriching experience.

    Among the things you will work on:

    • Coach and share hiring best practices with managers.
    • Build solutions to assist and coach candidates throughout the process.
    • Make sure our hiring process reflects Joko’s values.
    • Be up-to-date and data-driven regarding best recruitment tools and methodologies.

    3/ You will leverage our employer brand and vision to attract the best talents.

    Among the things you will work on:

    • Help building our employer identity and make it shine in many and innovative ways.
    • Organize and represent Joko at selected events and meetups.

    Preferred experience

    • You have a higher education degree and at least one significant experience in a Tech or fast-pasted work environment.
    • You are empathetic and have excellent interpersonal, communication and sales skills. You are able to build strong relationships, you can easily convince people and gain trust.
    • You have an entrepreneurial mindset, you like challenges and getting hands-on. You like productivity tools and you know how to manage and prioritize your tasks.
    • You are curious about people! And about the Tech ecosystem as a whole.
    • You are creative and have outstanding oral and written expression skills.
    • You are pragmatic and know how to solve problems quickly. You are analytical and rigorous.
    • You are fluent in French and in English (spoken and written) as you will be in touch with French and English speakers candidates.

    Anything else you can bring will be welcome, it is important for us to build a team that is as diverse as possible in terms of experiences, backgrounds, hobbies, etc!

    Meet the team

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