Senior Data Engineer

Senior Data Engineer

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    Who are they?

    Our job everyday is to protect the data and critical assets of businesses world-wide by discovering hidden vulnerabilities… before the bad guys do!

    At CybelAngel, we see beyond perimeters to protect businesses from the most critical cybersecurity threats. Fortune 500 Global to mid-size companies world-wide, trust CybelAngel’s global team of approximately 200 team members to protect their businesses from digital threats. With a combination of advanced machine learning, cyber analysis expertise, and a powerful suite of software solutions, CybelAngel detects and resolves our clients potential threats, long before they can fall into the hands of cyber criminals.

    Our capabilities expand every day to uncover new risks, detect more threats, protect more clients, and create new possibilities for our employees.

    With offices in Boston, Paris, and London, CybelAngel’s global footprint allows for a thriving hybrid, office and remote-work environment. We are looking for exceptional ‘go-getters’ who share our ambitious vision, innovative culture, high commitment to ethics, and enthusiasm for being the best possible place to work!

    Our values:

    • Be Bold

    • Be Curious

    • Stronger Together

    Job description

    We’re looking for our future Senior Data Engineer.

    We process billions of documents every day to extract leaks of relevant data about our customers.

    Introducing intelligence at the various levels of our processing pipeline is therefore a crucial issue for CybelAngel. Our Data Science team’s mission is to make our filtering algorithms as intelligent as possible, in order to optimize and facilitate the processing of security incidents.

    Your responsibilities :

    Your mission will be to handle project management and to realize projects from end-to-end: from data exploration and state of the art, to production release and monitoring.   

    This mission will imply:

    • Design and develop robust and scalable data pipelines: Build and maintain efficient data ingestion, transformation, and storage processes.

    • Implement and optimize data infrastructure: Work closely with SRE & IT teams to architect, deploy, and optimize data storage solutions. Ensure the scalability, performance, and security of data infrastructure components.

    • Collaborate with data stakeholders: Collaborate with data scientists and analysts, to understand their data requirements and help design and implement solutions that support their needs.

    • Monitor and maintain data systems: Implement data quality checks, monitoring mechanisms, and data governance processes to proactively identify and address data quality issues, performance bottlenecks, and other data-related anomalies.

    Data Team

    Our Engineering organization = 36 passionate people, in 8 specialized teams.

    One of these 8 teams if the data team. There are three poles: data engineering, data analysis, and data science. They enable the company to leverage data by correctly storing, interpreting and understanding patterns out of it. 

    That job position is open in the first pole: the data engineering one. 

    Our (current) stack:

    • Language: Python

    • Databases: BigQuery, BigTable

    • DAG: Airflow

    • ETL: dbt 

    • Other: GCP, Datadog, PubSub, Terraform

    Preferred experience

    Your preferred experience

    • Be curious, passionate and with a great team spirit

    • Will to learn, and ability to share their knowledge

    • +5 years of work experience in data engineering, from collecting the need to the deployment in production

    • Autonomous

    • attention to detail, will to provide data with good quality and reliability

    If you do not meet the requirements but you think you are a great fit, you are welcome to apply and explain why !

    Recruitment process


    Our Product & Engineering Culture

    🗃️ Small teams & short iterations

    🤝 Culture of sharing, pair and mod programming, when it makes sense

    👩‍🎨 Quality time dedicated to technical design

    🧙‍♂️Half the software engineers have over 10 years of experience

    🎒 Voyager Program to change team temporarily and discover how they work #becurious

    ✌️ Cooldown week dedicated to learning and experimenting

    🤼 Whole team buildings each semester #strongertogether

    🧠 Career path & trainings #bebold

    📍 Remote options from everywhere in Europe if access by train to Paris (but you can come to our amazing office near Parc Monceau whenever you want, and it’s paid by the company up to once a month)

    Our Benefits

    💰 Salary range: 60-65k euros based on your level of seniority and competencies you will demonstrate during the hiring process

    🏦 5% bonus, based on company and individual performances

    💸 Stock options for every employee

    🍱 Debit card for paying for lunch, with company contribution.

    💛 Very friendly and benevolent atmosphere with parties (CEO is an ex-DJ), sport sessions, board games nights, music band…

    🥓 Free English Courses

    🏋🏾‍♀️ Leeto grant from CSE

    90% of our People recommend CybelAngel

    92% are happy with the work life balance at CybelAngel

    Your hiring journey with us:

    • 30’ call with Pierre, Recruiter, to discuss about expectations from both ends

    • 45’ call with your future manager Marie, head of Data, to discuss context and projects and to evaluate mission fit

    • 60’ meeting with Xavier, our former Data Engineer, and Marie => have the chance to present your methodology and added value

    • 30’ call with Yoann, VP Engineering


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