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Eva is studying at IPAG Business School Paris. She's clearly what is a millenial : overconnected, very demanding, autonomous and like the easiest way to get things done ! She applied for the Yakari Program.

This program is specially designed for interns to brings them all our Entrepreneurship skills, knowledge and philosophy. There is 10 stage and you can get trap in the 1st one all your journey with us. Cause this program is based on observable behaviours acquisition, not skills.

Eva is like the fresh blood, shocking generations, tools, visions from management to marketing. She already passed by i18n, metatags and SEO. Let's hide the rest !

Arnaud is a dad of two wonderful girls and husband of a beautiful and wise wife that understand his life being startup associate, deep geek , passionate about marketing, surfing, basketball and beer encyclopedia at the same time.

Arnaud co-founded Tepee.pro with Allan in 2017 at Decathlon when called at that time Decathlives. He took the challenge to make it digital until he brings it to life and you know what happens with your kids ? You never leave them !

Arnaud is like the druid of the Tepee's tribe. He loves to share his knowledge and care that everybody gets stronger and challenge themselves constantly under an healthy environment. Before 6pm cause its internal clock mysteriously switch him as off. Still don't know why.

Alexandre did not make any university or business school. Do not live with more than 100 items in his life. Passionate about photography and bikes. However still personify the best son-in-law you can expect in life.

Alexandre was the only one among hundred applicants to succeed the Geronimo Program for the 2018's promotion. He decided to go further on and completed it. Even for his young age he's very impressive and strong personality. He demonstrates such a hunger and speed to learn and apply them straight in no time to the Tepee.pro's field.

Alexandre is like the scientist and the one that 'always get an different perspective to see things'. He's benchmarking like crazy. Always looking for new, for different. He still Frenchy, do not do if it's not great. But at the same time testing over and over.

Learn more about Tepee.pro


At Tepee.pro we give you the power to sleep at another professional home while travelling for business.

Created & tested by Allan Ballester when he was employed at Decathlon in 2017, the solution quickly grew and reached within a year around 10 000 users and more than 2000 open Tepees in the world, registering hundreds of shared nights.

In June 2018 Tepee.pro took off and enlarged its offer to all companies worldwide in order to bring more social, cultural and ecological aspects into business trips in addition to generate saves.

We went crazy on January 2019. We decided that every night spent with a local through Tepee.pro will result in us offering a roof to an homeless person in the city you travelled to.

Beside this, we develop our solution tepee.pro with ReactJS and Ruby on Rails with the ambition to bring change in the business travel experiences.

What they are looking for

At Tepee.pro we have written one unique thing in our company status : we will never be employees. We committed to a company where everybody becomes Associate, equal in rights and capital. We don’t believe that any decision or position is worth more than another.

The path is however very challenging. The pre-selection is an outdoor weekly adventure, organised once a year by Allan. Can you reach one of the top world mount ? Dive in the deepest seas ? Or simply ride or climb the best sceneries on earth ?

For those little that reach it (Only 1 person in 2018), then starts a 6 months journey as becoming an associate in a nourishing and unique ecosystem !

Good to know

We created Tepee.pro in order to increase the mental and physical health of those who make and benefit it :

  • You make up whenever you want : We don’t believe in the 9-to-5
  • You do & learn whatever you want : No position, no job. Only actions
  • You create from wherever you want : No office, you’re smart enough to choose what environment suits you the best

In addition, we do our best everyday to reduce our ecological footprint and we measure it. We also share every month our spendings and revenus to bring economical transparency.

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