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Developer Advocate

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Who are they?

Forest Admin has been designed to help developers save time and to provide business teams with a tool tailored to their operations, at scale. At Forest Admin, we’ve developed an “admin panel as a service” allowing any web-based company to skip all the design, development and maintenance of their back office.

Technically speaking, Forest Admin is an open-source plugin which analyses your data models and automatically generate an admin API on which business teams can work on. Building such tool required us to re-think the entire architecture of our product where we would never access our client’s data, introducing a new class of product in the SaaS world.

How big is it? All apps need a back office, which means we have an impact on virtually … all web related businesses! We’re currently on-boarding more and more fast-growing companies (ex. Qonto, Heetch, Carbon Health…) at an incredible pace and we want to accelerate our expansion.

Forest Admin
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Job description

Your main challenge as Forest Admin’s Developer Advocate is to lead our dev adoption efforts by creating, educating and growing a developer community with an open source mindset that is passionate about web apps and sharing knowledge about admin development best practices and tools.

As a modern-day Forest ranger your will be in charge of spreading the word in the tech community about Forest Admin.

Role Milestones

Milestone 1

  • Gain a deep understanding of Forest Admin’s product
  • Build relationships with key members of Forest’s Developer Community
  • Prepare a list of technical topics of interest to our Community

Milestone 2

  • Initiate a blog/screencast series for our Community
  • Propose new programs to improve the developer experience, grow the community, and increase engagement (web agencies, schools, associations & groups, labs, incubators, etc.)

Milestone 3

  • Scale the blog/screencast series
  • Kick off new programs, track results, and adjust as necessary
  • Speak and perform your first demo at an event (meetups, webinars, etc.)

Milestone 4

  • Produce regular technical content that shows developers how to use Forest Admin and get the most out of our premium features.
  • Share your admin panel development expertise by giving talks, conducting workshops and attending developer events.
  • Provide support and guidance to developers within our online community channels including Discourse, Github, Twitter, Stack Overflow and other spaces.
  • Connect with other developers, developer advocates, educators, entrepreneurs and accelerators to find opportunities to integrate Forest Admin into technical programs and curriculums.

Preferred experience


  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English
  • Relevant software engineering experience including full-stack expertise. You should feel very comfortable implementing Forest Admin across different stacks and helping debug implementation issues.
  • Experience growing a community.
  • Experience writing technical content or explaining technical concepts in blog posts, forums, emails, webcasts, infographics or other channels.


  • Regularly active on open-source projects.
  • Familiar with SaaS business fundamentals.

Why you should apply?Hiring is a two-way street
Learn more about our cultureThe Lumberjacks’ Code of Honor

Recruitment process

  • Preliminary call
  • Fit interview with our CEO
  • Case study
  • Feedback and challenge meeting with our CEO and CTO
Forest Admin

Forest Admin

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