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Senior data scientist

Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified
No remote work


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The position

Job description

What will you do ?

As senior data scientist, we expect you to bring data science expertise to the team, by advising and building the first blocks of our data science stack and working on algorithms to build tools, improve teams’ performance, and bring automation to our product.

You’re main missions will be :

  • Mine data and create algorithms to fuel our business teams and product with smart indicators and alerts
  • Make in-depth discovery analyses to answer specific business or product questions
  • Leverage data science to build automation and magicness in our product
  • Recommend and work with engineers to implement data science pipelines to fuel our ETL, product and tools
  • Help develop a strong data culture and work hand-in-hand with operational teams to deliver the most actionable insights

Apart from those typical data science missions, we expect you as senior to:

  • Drive data science initiatives across a variety of areas, ranging from product to business
  • Bring expertise to our data science problem-solving
  • Drive data science tools implementation and adoption
  • Help build a strong data science culture in the team
  • Drive training initiatives for our analysts and other data scientists

Preferred experience

Your skills:

  • You are rational, analytical, convey well ideas
  • You are proficient in data science technique techniques and technos.
  • Fully aware and knowledgeable of data science technical ecosystem
  • Good amount of data engineering knowledge - experience with AWS is a plus
  • Good communication skills
  • Great problem solver
  • You have leadership skills

Your profile :

  • At least 4 years of data science work experience, with a share of experience on both business and product topics
  • Top engineering degree
  • Technical leadership, with a taste for business problems
  • Some experience in coaching other people

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