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Paris, Londres, Madrid, Milan, Singapour


Marketing is a large, growing, complex industry that fuels brand growth. Digital marketing is quickly outpacing traditional marketing in size and spend. As consumers increase their usage of digital applications across more devices and channels, they generate exponential increases in data volumes. This results in huge challenges for those seeking efficient brand equity and sales growth from digital marketing. Only sophisticated decisioning technology, engineered specifically to tackle these challenges, can provide solutions.

Scibids develops AI for marketing, and today offers a solution for addressable paid digital media that creates up to 70% improvement in media campaign performance.

Over the past couple of years, Scibids has witnessed exponential growth and expanded its operations across the globe, opening offices in Singapore, London, New York, Milan, Tokyo and Madrid, to keep providing exceptional services to its global customers.

What they are looking for

Young & blooming people with huge ambitions. Most importantly you have to be "smartly lazy" : no repetitive task survives to ingeniosity and automation ; at Scibids, everything needs to scale !

Good to know

Every Scibids member is focused on the same objective: to make Scibids the next ad tech unicorn! This means being mindful about how one’s daily tasks fit into Scibids' overall strategy and keeping in mind the greater good of the company (rather than individual accomplishments). We also celebrate successes every month. How? We meet for either a team lunch at a nice restaurant, an after-work beer, or join forces in an escape game. In a nutshell, a nice activity to spend quality time together!

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