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Gandi is a domain name registrar, a web host, and an email and SSL certificate provider. But above all, Gandi is a French success story built on the trust and word-of-mouth recommendations of our customers.

The story begins in 2000 with only a few pioneers of the free internet. Twenty-plus years later, here we are, a small but mighty international business with more than 150 employees spread over three continents, serving the needs of more than 350,000 active users, including more than 8,000 resellers et 500 key accounts. Gandi manages:

  • 2.5 million domains
  • 720,000 email accounts
  • 55,000 SSL certificates
  • 200,000 hosted website and applications.

First and foremost, Gandi is all about dedication. Gandi's commitment and values, the very ones that make it unique and independent on the market, have stayed intact through the years:

  • A free internet: developing the open source is necessary
  • An ethical internet: protecting the rights and personal date of the internet users is a priority
  • An internet for the common good: providing technical and human support to projects and organizations in order to build a shared and collaborative internet.

Making the internet accessible to everyone is the primary aim of Gandi's undertaking. Gandi provides services to individuals who want to personalize and professionalize their online presence, but also to small businesses, key accounts and institutions, mostly through a dedicated Corporate offer.

What they are looking for

Gandi is looking for authentic and curious collaborators, passionate about technology, for whom freedom of expression and web neutrality have real meaning, and who care about offering customers the quality of service they themselves expect.

Good to know

Numerous events in the office (regular meetings with supported projects, technical presentations, happy hours at the end of the day) and outside (conferences, hackathons).

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