Tchoozz is a recruiting company founded by two friends and ex consultants, Antonin & Robin. Two HR specialists and digital nomads who believe in human interaction to help companies attract the best talents. Recruitment specialist in the tech industry, Tchoozz creates hiring strategies based on events and content creation. It helps brands accelerate talent acquisition in the Hyper-Growth stage matching with the evolution of recruiting.

What they are looking for

At Tchoozz, they are looking for profiles matching the company’s culture and startup spirit. With events in 12+ countries, a business developer with an HR background will be appreciated. Also involved in branding strategies, the team is looking for a content creator to join Tchoozz Studio. Important, the team is flexible and open to remote and freelance opportunities.

Good to know

Today, 85% of the workforce consider themselves passive candidates and will consider an offer if it comes their way.

Nevertheless, they aren’t applying on job-boards or exploring career pages. Any idea how to engage? Great events can help!

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