The Sismo team is made up of experienced cryptonatives who have been working on Ethereum since 2015 on projects like Aave, Sandbox, Kleros, and ConsenSys. Sismo also helps to organize ethcc, one of the largest crypto conferences in the world. The team is passionate about privacy-preserving technologies and is eager to bring them to mainstream usage.

Sismo raised funds in 2021 from top crypto teams, members, and investors including AAVE, Axie Infinity, Product Hunt, Snapshot, ENS, Naval Ravikant, Paradigm, Nansen, Starkware, Delphi Digital, Ideo, Framework, Fabric Ventures, and many more.


Employee breakdown

  • Tech


  • Business


  • Design



Sismo is a privacy-preserving login system based on blockchain infrastructure, decentralized identities (DID) and Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKP).

Sismo is developing the Sismo Protocol which allows anyone to generate privacy-preserving attestations from their web3 accounts (e.g Attestation of BAYC NFT Ownership). Sismo attestations can be stored as NFTs on Ethereum/EVM chains and are compatible with web2 and web3 applications as an access control and reputation tool.

Our team of 7 crypto-native builders has been working on Ethereum since 2015 (ex Aave, Sandbox, Kleros, ConsenSys). We recently raised $10m from some of the top blockchain teams (Optimism, Starkware, Curve, Axie Infinity, Nansen, etc..), a strong mix of web3 investors (Delphi, IDEO, Framework, Fabric) and successful web2 projects (Founder of Product Hunt, Naval Ravikant).

At Sismo, you will be exposed to everything crypto has to offer; from comprehensive training to in-person conferences and hackathons to good community memes and so much more.

The Sismo team prioritises privacy, decentralization and developing ZK tech that will power the future of the decentralized web. We are deeply committed to this mission and believe cryptography and blockchains will benefit billions of people by enabling users to take ownership of their digital identity.

What they are looking for

We are looking for passionate team members to join our core team. We expect every team member to be committed towards their personal development, education and growth.

Whether you are a seasoned crypto-native or a passionate newcomer to web3. We measure success 3 months after hire by the following categories:

  • Communication skills: clear, concise, and consistent
  • Initiative and autonomy
  • Alignment with Sismo’s mission and values

At Sismo, you will work side by side with a diverse group of motivated and skilled team players. We are looking for someone that’s ready to elevate their career in web3 and grow with our team.

Good to know

At Sismo, you can expect to:

  • Publish open source code
  • Build a decentralized protocol based on zero-knowledge proofs
  • Learn daily from the best teams building on Ethereum
  • Participate in premier Web3 events and conferences
  • Grow into a web3 expert

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