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The team has extensive experience working at data-mature companies (Uber, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Dashlane, and more) and decided to create Sifflet after struggling with data quality in their daily jobs.

As an early-stage start-up, Sifflet currently consists of three teams. The tech team - responsible for working on cutting-edge technology for data observability. The product team - responsible for building the product vision. And the GTM team - responsible for evangelizing the market and building strong customer relationships.

Sifflet values diversity and inclusion, cross-team collaboration, and, learning and personal development.

Employee breakdown

  • Tech team


  • Product team


  • Go-to-market team


  • G&a team


The engineering team

The engineering team at Sifflet is a group of data lovers. With security, and reliability in mind, we are building the best technical foundation to empower product innovation. Our values are teamwork and continuous learning.

The engineering team has many exciting challenges. In the front, we are building the best product experience for multiple personas, backend side we are using software craftsmanship to make heterogenous and complex integration with data tools, we use data science to spot data issues before they even occur, in the infrastructure side, we are building a cloud-agnostic platform. In the engineering team

We are a group of passionate engineers, we love building things.

Wajdi, Chief Technology Officer

Product team

The product team at Sifflet is all about creating the best user experience for a very diverse set of personas - from technical to business profiles.

The team consists of Product Managers and Product Designers with extensive experience in the data space. Sifflet’s Product Managers work closely with our customers to understand their needs and focus on delivering best-in-class solutions to their problems.

The team also conducts user research and data analysis to understand customer needs and pain points and uses this information to make informed decisions about the product roadmap and development.

The GTM team

The GTM team at Sifflet is all about helping our clients realize the full potential of their modern data stack. As more companies invest in data infrastructure, the need for tooling to monitor, alert, and resolve pipeline issues becomes increasingly important. Our team - composed of Sales, Pre-Sales, Business Development, Marketing, and Customer Success specialists - works closely with clients to raise awareness of Full Stack Data Observability and showcase the value of Sifflet. If you're interested in helping organizations succeed with their data, we'd love to hear from you!

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