At Shadow, Eric is at the helm of the transformation Eric was born into technology and innovation. Whether in startups or large international from the early days of fibre optics to 5G networks and DSL, innovation and DSL, innovation and growth have been the common threads in a career path worthy of a great tech of a great tech enthusiast.

It is only logical that he should take part in the Shadow adventure. He was quickly recognised because he was the first to proudly wear a company T-shirt. His energy and good humour do not hide his desire to carry out ambitious projects with the ambitious projects with the requirement to make everyone contribute to the success and to share the fruits.

His project with Shadow is to build a human and industrial adventure that will industrial adventure that will leave a mark on the European technological landscape, so if that's what you're so if that's what you're looking for, it's time to talk.

At Shadow, Rabeb is a real challenger Whether it's on Darks Souls or as a developer, she likes to be on challenging projects. She is part of the InVM team, which is everything that concerns the development of tools related to the services & drivers that run in Shadow, such as the operation of inputs such as mouse, keyboard, joystick etc.

But not only! To have more fun, she also works on topics related to display management, that's everything that concerns screen management, and the stakes are infinite. What she likes most about Shadow is being able to code something that she has a real user user experience.

So if you want to find tips on how to finish a game, climb a climbing wall or just have a coffee, Rabeb is the one to help. just having a coffee, Rabeb is full of ideas!

Gaëtan is Shadow's NoGo. But why NoGo? At the very beginning of his adventure, Gaëtan was in Quality Assurance, whose objective is to identify the various development problems. His speciality was to send NOGO reports. You could say that he is a nice complainer.

The knowledge of the Shadow product allowed him to level up to the position of Release Manager, where it is a question of giving his "GO" to the release of new applications. Being a Product Owner was his ultimate goal and that's what he is today.

Together with the product team, they are in charge of finding new functionalities and uses. But for whom?! For all gamers, artists and employees using Shadow. Gaëtan is the company's joker, always ready to have a laugh while making the projects. Have you ever eaten at the kebab shop opposite Shadow? Gaëtan will invite you if you haven't.


Since 2015, Shadow has been innovating to make technology more accessible to all, and allows you to access a full PC - in the cloud.

As pioneers of one of the first cloud PC service, we believe making high-powered tools easily accessible will help people achieve extraordinary things. You can work, create and play everywhere and at any time.

Our company is growing. Fast.

We’ve gone from a small startup based in a Paris apartment to an international team of 130+ people servicing tens of thousands of users. And thanks to their feedback and support, we keep on expanding into more countries and launching more innovative products.

We're proud to say Shadow is primarily a company based on its people. Where each individual makes the difference by trying to make the impossible possible.

Our ambitions are sky-high to forever revolutionize the way technology is used, so if you want to join us on this great adventure, we’d love to have you in our team.

What they are looking for

We're looking for passionate people, who are led by curiosity and the motivation to grow individually and with others ;)

Good to know

  • A passionate team with a great work atmosphere!
  • Your very own Shadow;
  • Cool offices in the heart of Paris (2nd district). Perfect for happy hours after work!
  • A best-in-class employee representative group (CSE in French) to help you through all situations and provide you with deals off certain purchases (gym, cinema, etc.) (via Leeto platform);
  • The best tools to facilitate your experience at Shadow (Payfit, Alan, Swile…);
  • Remote work is possible. You can also come every day if you wish;
  • Snacks at will;
  • Everything to spend quality time with your colleagues: video game arcade, darts, game nights...
  • Breakfast from Monday to Wednesday to start the week with energy;
  • The rest is to be discovered ;)

And of course:

  • Meal voucher (via Swile);
  • 50% off pass Navigo;
  • 50% off health insurance (ALAN).

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