Intern Fullstack Developer for Finance
QuantCube Technology

QuantCube Technology

Intern Fullstack Developer for Finance

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  • Paris
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QuantCube Technology

QuantCube Technology

  • Big Data, Financie
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Intern Fullstack Developer for Finance

  • Stáž (6 mesiac/-e/-ov)
  • Paris
  • Možnosť pracovať čiastočne na diaľku
  • Magisterský stupeň vzdelania
  • > 6 mesiacov

Who are they?

QuantCube Technology uses artificial intelligence and big data analytics to deliver real-time macro-economic insights since 2013.

The firm operates one of the largest alternative data lakes in the world, processing more than 14 billion data end points. Sources encompass news, social media, satellite data, professional networks and consumer reviews, as well as shipping and flight traffic.

QuantCube’s macroeconomic indicators, which include economic growth, inflation, employment and international trade, correlate highly with official data and significantly beat the consensus. Financial institutions using QuantCube data benefit from real-time insight, often ahead of official numbers, which they can use to inform their investment strategies.

Headquartered in Paris, QuantCube employs a diverse international team with expertise in multilingual NLP, deep learning and machine learning techniques. The company’s shareholders include Moody’s and Caisse des Dépôts and its R&D in computer vision has been partially funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) and French government space agency (CNES)

QuantCube Technology
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Job description

QuantCube Technology leads many innovative R&D projects in fields as varied as Artificial Intelligence for image analysis, automatic language processing but also financial markets.
We are looking for a motivated individuals with technical profile to work with the Investment Strategies team.

Your mission:

• Creating or optimizing automation tools linked to the strategies (from backesting to execution)
• Working on the monitoring dashboard
• Assist portfolio managers in the need of on-the-fly tools

To go further…

• The opportunity to learn and grow in a stimulating and constantly developing environment
• A pleasant and friendly work environment within a team that promotes sharing and development of skills
• Be in direct contact with the Data Science and Operations teams

What we offer:

You will have the opportunity during these missions to quickly evolve responsibility to communicate directly with our Technology and Data Science who are at the forefront of their field, to participate in the line of the company thanks to the various exchanges with the Operational team, to talk about cooking or video games during lunch hours …

Yes in addition to a nice location (2nd arrondissement of Paris , Grand Rex district), the team is really nice !

Preferred experience

You are passionate about new technologies and attracted by the prospect of evolving in a startup environment have a good level of English, show initiative and autonomy and like challenges.

You have a successful experience in the development and management of similar projects before, and
have strong skills in the following areas:

• Python (OOP)
• React-like frontend (and thus more broadly Javascript / HTML / CSS)
• Database technologies (SQL etc.)
• UNIX commands
• Good development practices: versioning, testing, …

Knowledge/experience that are a plus:

• Market Finance and Market Data feeds (especially Bloomberg)
• Graphics/Data Visualization (eg. Grafana)
• C++ and VBA

Recruitment process

  1. Meet the recruiter and one member of the investement strategy team
  2. Meet the lead
  3. Meet the co-founders

QuantCube recruits and recognises all talents.

QuantCube Technology

QuantCube Technology

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