Senior Consultant - Innovation & Transformation


Senior Consultant - Innovation & Transformation

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  • Paris
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Senior Consultant - Innovation & Transformation

  • Zmluva na dobu neurčitú 
  • Dátum nástupu:  
  • Paris
  • Možnosť pracovať čiastočne na diaľku
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  • > 5 rokov

Qui sont-ils ?

Rejoignez la communauté de Designers et Consultants dédiée au futur de l’économie avec impact positif !


Nous accompagnons les organisations privées et publiques à amplifier leur impact positif sur l’humain, l’environnement et la Société.


  • EXPERIENCE : design eco-inclusif de services, produits, experience (client, collaborateur, citoyen)
  • INNOVATION : Imaginer les futurs souhaitables, et les faire exister, via le design systémique
  • TRANSFORMATION : guider les transformations vers l’impact, et accompagner le changement
  • EMPOWERMENT : veille prospective, méthodologies, DesignOps, formation…


Accompagner les projets complexes requiert des experts pointus… Et des talents épanouis, qu’ils soient salariés ou faisant partie de notre communauté de talents, consultants, designers et experts pluridisciplinaires au service de l’impact positif.

Chaque projet au playgrnd est un nouveau terrain de jeu, empli de challenges complexes à résoudre. Nous sommes entraînés à jouer collectif, dans un environnement bienveillant et transparent, propice à l’émergence des meilleures solutions.

Faire en sorte que nos clients se passent de nous : c’est contre-intuitif mais vertueux pour accélérer le changement. Nous sommes des facilitateurs et n’hésitons jamais à transmettre, tant nos méthodologies que l’inspiration que nous collectons en continu, pour devenir meilleurs chaque jour, ensemble. Oh ! Nous sommes également organisme de formation.


Decathlon, OCDE, Saint-Gobain, Cofidis, Ligue Nationale contre le cancer, Sodexo, Volkswagen Financial Services, Nike, CCFD Terre Solidaire, Iperia l’institut…


Le playgrnd s’oblige à réinventer chaque jour de travail, pour offrir un terrain de jeu propice à l’épanouissement personnel et collectif, l’apprentissage, l’accès à la culture, le bien-être de chacun et la meilleure expérience pour nos players, partenaires et clients.

Envie d’en savoir plus sur playgrnd ?Culture d'entreprise, équipes, offres d'emplois... C’est parti pour l’immersion !
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Descriptif du poste

About you, actually?

Did you start a club dedicated to paper recycling when you were at elementary school? Vous passez vos soirées sur ? Are you always trying to find out how Spotify could spread new amazing songs more efficiently? Do you dream of building a probe (from recycling materials) able to trace your carbon footprint automatically? Vous vous endormez avec des podcasts qui parlent de l’avenir des civilisations ? Were you involved in your school cafeteria or in a bar (and you were the one suggesting solutions in order to optimize the waiting time for people grabbing a beer or a coffee, and systems to limit waste)? Avez-vous déjà rêvé de rencontrer Sigmund Freud ou Pierre Bourdieu ? Do (did) you organize special dinners with your friends in order to run shadow “customer research”? Do you give feedback to the Slack Support Team in order to optimize their product? Do you always plan your vacations for months, using Google Drive spreadsheets, system maps, and datavizualisation, in order to choose the right destination? Vous aimez confronter votre point de vue sur le monde avec votre petit(e) ami(e) et vos parents ? Vous aimez la PNL (nous ne parlons pas du groupe de musique rap… hein) ? Did you try to convince Siri to do bad, bad things? Have you ever dreamt about being a rock star?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these propositions, you might be the right person we are seeking in the playgrnd, as a Senior Consultant - Innovation & transformation.

Your next job: “Playing a role towards positive impact”.

Within the Impulse League, a transversal team of multi disciplinary consultants, you will contribute to leverage positive impact across various sectors and clients, located in France or abroad, while:

  • supporting your clients designing and delivering the most genuine and impactful innovations,
  • using relevant consulting skills to make it happen,
  • driving the change and empowering your clients,
  • playing with the best dream-team (consultants, service designers, system designers, product designers, dedicated experts…),
  • bringing happiness to your clients and team,
  • managing your projects in the best quality ever, always on time.

In details, your everyday role could look like this:


  • Operate a strategic watch (sustainable innovation, service design, transformation, change manangement)
  • Run market studies, benchmark, analyzing best practices
  • Seize trends, strong & weak signals, Contribute to prospective research


  • Perform on/off site immersion and ad-hoc desk researches, analyze provided documentation
  • Run diagnostics, detect and understand the real problem to solve
  • Format genuine methodologies & intervention models
  • Leverage systemic design - SEEDS Methodology, created by playgrnd
  • Foster purpose led ecosystems
  • Provide appropriate deliverables (eg : audit, strategic roadmap, system map, innovation scenarii, value proposition, prioritization matrix, change management plan, business cases, backlog…)
  • Client relationship management


  • Facilitate collective intelligence (IRL or remote), with plural stakeholders, and creativity methods
  • Design ad’hoc workshops
  • Organize systemic design sprints

Your will also contribute to the development of the playgrnd.


  • Responsible for your clients satisfaction
  • Detect opportunities (upselling / cross selling / new business)
  • Contribute to new deals answers


  • After a few months, you may have to coach one or more consultants


  • Empower other team members to your core skills
  • Contribute to future hirings and ecosystem development
  • Contribute to Crews (internal missions)
  • Contribute to rise quality standards
  • Articles writing on your specific expertises would be great

When can you start?


You will be part of a real adventure.

We aim to be the design & consulting ecosystem dedicated to the future of economy with positive impact.

We are keen to follow our values: Resilience, Humility, Positivism, Unity, Fulfillment.

We have designed an open and genuine organization promoting teamwork, collective intelligence, and continuous learning, while considering individuals’ singularity.

We work everyday to offer a better workplace, listening to our players and experimenting new ways of working: for now, we have flexible remote working rules, and you will have an open access to all Wework coworking spaces in France and abroad. We also love to get together quarterly during our “remote offices’’ (offsite, all together). We obviously do several team building events in Paris over the year (afterworks, drinks, gaming time, sport, culture, etc.).

Let’s play!

Profil recherché

For this position, we require an experience of 5-8+ years in a similar role (consulting company, innovation studio…).

To become part of the dream-team in the playgrnd:

  • you are eager to make the most of your skills and energy to positive impact
  • you must be open-minded, curious, empathic, passionate, proactive, detailed focus, result oriented, always willing to learn new things
  • you have awesome soft skills
  • you have a relevant track record on these topics
  • you have a strong interest in humans, planet & Society
  • you would be very happy to share your knowledge to the team
  • you speak a very good english (mandatory, since we work with international clients) et aussi un très bon français (à l’écrit comme à l’oral)
  • experiences in mobility, public sector, sustainability could also be great

The playgrnd will welcome people with deep energy and willingness, ready to be part of an adventure.
To become part of the dream-team in the playgrnd:

This offer is related to a full time position, both based in Paris (WeWork) & remote.
This job may require (low carbon) travels in France and Europe, if the missions require it.

Déroulement des entretiens


  1. Send your wishes through “Welcome to the Jungle” Platform
  2. Have a like on our Instagram profile -
  3. We’ll review your application and get back to you very soon, hopefully:
    If your profile matches the offer requirements, we’ll contact you for a first remote interview (15min)
    A second interview (1h) will be done with the short-list
    A case study will be done with the finalists

Thanks and have a great day!



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