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Vmware Pivotal Labs

A survivor of the 2000 Internet bubble, Franck is an expert in Digital, he worked for more than 10 years in Digital marketing agencies such as TBWA, Publicis Group or Fullsix, between 1998 and 2014. He was able to access the position of Chief Technology Officer by bringing his expertise on very large Digital perimeters (E-commerce, Mobile Apps, Business Apps, Cloud native apps, Agility,...). He then joined SMILE, a company specialising in Open Source, as a Business Unit Director in 2014.

Today, as Director of Pivotal Labs Paris, he helps companies adopt modern software creation tools and methodologies, while regularly beating his team members at table tennis.

Initiated to the joys of computer science at the age of 10 by the unknown and late Exl 100, Fouad chose the path of software development to grow professionally. Surviving the year 2000 bug, he sailed from company to company and docked delicately at Pivotal in August 2018. As part of the Labs team, he cleans up and modernises customer applications to ensure that they thrive in the cloud. When he is not coding, Fouad likes to scribble, read comics and travel.


Pivotal Labs mission is to transform the way companies build their software. To remain competitive and efficient in fast-changing markets, large companies must invest in people and technology. With Pivotal, they are adopting agile development methods, migrating to micro services, replacing their legacy applications with modern cloud native platforms and delivering a better customer experience faster with lean, Agile XP, and UCD (User Centered Design) methodologies. The fundamental principles that drive the Pivots on a daily basis are:

  • Do the right thing
  • Do what works
  • Be kind

Pivotal offers a unique approach to the consulting business: working in pairs with client teams over several months to train them in new product management, design, development and DevOps processes.

To accelerate their transformation, Pivotal offers a unique approach that has proven its worth many times over. They start by working with teams to train them in new processes to accelerate the deployment of applications, in complete security. Then, they show how Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF), their native cloud platform, can modernise a company to better prepare it for its future challenges.

What they are looking for

Pivotal Labs Paris is looking to expand a passionate team that works to bring agility, user- centric design and Extreme Programming to large companies that need to reinvent themselves to meet their future challenges. The Pivots have in common:

  • Have a real thirst for exchange, learning and sharing,
  • Be humble despite their great experience
  • To be frankly very nice.

Joining Pivotal Labs Paris is also an opportunity to be part of a large international community of Developers, Architects, Product Managers and Product Designers from 27 Pivotal offices around the world (London, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo...). The team seeks excellence and teaches its expertise to its clients, or through free workshops with the startup community. She also takes the time to exchange and learn through "Lunch & Learn", conferences and meetings organised by the company.

Good to know

Pivotal Labs is:

  • A work environment that implements respect for the balance between professional and personal life time and a budget dedicated to the personal development of each individual.

And for (re)comfort, it is also:

  • A charming breakfast every morning
  • A rooftop with unlimited beer
  • Unlimited snacks and drinks

If, in addition, you are a good Ping-Pong player, Pivotal Paris is for you.

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