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Luna: Co-founder and Project Manager.

Daily management, commercial, financial and strategic aspects.

Hélène: Product Development Manager.

Brings the textile dimension and technical support to the team, takes care of product development with the sales team.

Hajar: Project Development Manager.

Provides knowledge of the raw material, supervises extrusion and depolymerisation during recycling, transposes the project to an industrial scale.

Gabriel: PhD student in Materials Chemistry.

Dingliang: Supply and Logistics Coordinator.

Based in China, Dingliang is in charge of procurement and maintains contact with our production.


Employee breakdown

  • Business


  • R&D


  • Logistic


Management / Business Team

Luna manages the day-to-day activities, making sure that everything runs smoothly, that everyone has the keys to move forward and that the NOOSA project evolves as well as possible! Her tasks are many and varied and her role is to bring together and manage all the talents to achieve the objectives set in the strategy.

Hajar is responsible for the team and the chemistry laboratory and has completed a PhD in materials chemistry and PLA applications. She is working on product and process optimisation on an industrial scale, both upstream (fibre production) and downstream (fibre chemical recycling process).

Gabriel is pursuing a PhD that aims to improve the production process to ultimately improve the properties of our fibre.

Textile R&D

Responsible for the textile dimension of the team, Hélène is in charge of product development from the fibre to the yarn. She supports our prospects in their development by adapting to their requirements and problems (dyeing, knitting, printing, etc.). She acts as a bridge between research and development and supports the sales team. She is also in charge of the quality control of our products and aims to continuously improve them.