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People, challenges, cultural diversity and the world of human resources are four things that could perfectly define Lucía.

During her psychology studies she took every opportunity to travel and open herself to new experiences. She spent a year in Krakow and then lived 4 years in Madrid where she specialized in Human Resources Management. After her experience in a large company, she decided to make a radical change and moved to Paris. This city gave her the opportunity to meet Next Station, a company that has allowed her to complement her passion for people, challenges and the international environment.

Nature, painting and music are good company for her and she will never say no to going out to visit the best boulangeries in Paris.

After his career as a counter-strike pro-gamer (top 3 FR), Nicolas founded his first business at the age of 23.

He developed it over the course of fourteen years, while recruiting and leading a team of 35 people. He has worked on more than 200 projects, mainly in the field of e-commerce.

Today he decided to use all his experience to create Next Station: THE international recruitment platform.

Blanca has a passion for people and likes to build companies that solve meaningful problems.

Over the last 10 years, she has lived in 3 continents pursuing a dual career as an entrepreneur and strategy consultant at BCG. In 2018, she relocated to France after graduating with an MBA from MIT to launch Next Station and simplify international recruiting for everyone.

She loves soup noodles, dancing in the dark and writing stories. For some of these accomplishments, she was named MIT Innovator Under 35.

Marouane is passionate about people and enjoys learning and meeting people from all over the world. He loves learning languages and currently speaks 4 languages fluently and is currently exploring his 5th one.

He graduated from a Moroccan university as an undergraduate student and immediately went on to complete his master’s in human resources from SKEMA located in Paris, France.

He adores playing and watching sports, such as basketball and football, as well as traveling and exploring different areas of the world. Now he is working at Next Station where the atmosphere is marvellously international!

Marina left home for the first time to start a new life in a foreign country, France, at the age of 15. After finishing university in Chile she took time to travel Asia by herself from end to end.

Since then, she has never lost her taste for immersing herself in new cultures and meeting people with very different backgrounds, and that is what convinced her to finally settle in Paris.

She identified with the mission and the desire to make the world a little more diverse and culturally mixed with fair employment opportunities and she joined the Next Station adventure.

Today she supports companies across Europe to build international teams with cultural synergies, and embrace the potential and richness of different perspectives.

The first time Aleksandra moved abroad was at the age of 3. Back then she moved from Poland to Germany.

Facing a different culture and language at home than outside, she soon knew that she would have to learn more languages to connect with people. After a little detour in the world of architecture, she got back to languages and writing. It was only a matter of time until she decided to move abroad again.

This time her destination was France. You wonder where the Marketing part comes in? It was at Next Station that she discovered her passion for this field! Now, she wants to give the same chance to other expats.

Istvan has always traveled, to the point where it has become an addiction. Why? Because he loves to discover new things. All these travels have taught him to be curious.

He grew up and discovered the entrepreneurship. A new source of learning and curiosity, which led him to create different start-up projects, such as a jacket brand, even though he knew nothing about it; and other projects, a little crazier, but which drive him a lot, like a one-man-show.

Today, he has found the perfect match, an opportunity that brings together his three passions: helping, undertaking, traveling. He stopped everything, to dedicate himself to it. Next Station.

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Next Station is an online platform for international recruiting – easier, personalized and stress-free.
The company’s mission is to connect international job-seekers with the best European companies! Candidates only have to create a private profile to help them understand their job search preferences. Next Station’s team will screen all available jobs and directly bring interview requests.

The Next Station team is made of a group of globe-trotters that have experienced how hard it is to hire/find a job abroad. Therefore, they decided to use everything they’ve learned to simplify international recruitment for everyone.

What they are looking for

For their clients (from fast-growing startups to large global companies) Next Station is looking for international candidates for marketing, sales, content, customer support and HR roles. Open-minded people ready to jump into a new job abroad.

For their team, Next Station is looking for people who want to change lives and help others find meaningful jobs. In the Next Station Fam you find:

  • Team-players and go-getters.

  • People with a pirate mind and the spirit of a caring grandma

  • 100% humble and 0% prejudice.

Join the movement and #gobeyond.

Good to know

Our values:

#1 - Commitment - #1 - Commitment - We are committed to empowering people in their search for meaning. To move abroad and grow. To find a new place to belong to.

#2 - Go beyond - We explore all routes. We never settle. We prioritize the work that helps us achieve our mission.

#3 - Enjoy - We seek fun. We think big and celebrate life whatever it brings us.

We love what we’re doing and we want you to experience the feeling of having a meaningful job, no matter where!

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