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Benoit is our CEO and Customer Service wizard. Over the past two decades, he has helped and led companies of all sizes and industries such as Sunospis, Oracle, Ableton, and Helpling to successfully develop and scale their support teams. With his deep understanding of the sector and its stakeholders, and his visionary thinking, he is piloting Miuros’s global expansion.

Daniele is our CTO and software architect. Before joining Miuros as a co-founder, he conducted research on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning at the universities of KU Leuven (Belgium) and Illinois Chicago (US). He’s been coding since he was born.

Francesca is our Head of Marketing and has 13 years of international experience living and working in the MarCom field all over the world, from startups to multinationals. She crafts the strategy and leads her team to run both brand awareness and innovative lead generation campaigns, building brand passion globally, and driving the business forward.

Sal is our UK and Ireland Account Executive. He originally trained as an accountant, but found his calling in Sales where he specialized in the SaaS industry. He worked in prop tech, fintech, and for the last 2 years in the Customer Service arena.

Elise is our Human Resources and Legal Head. She puts individuals at the heart of the organization and fosters the adaptable, caring and reflective work environment that everyone wants to be part of, always finding new ways to improve the employee experience. Her legal expertise is also critical to support Miuros’s fast growth.

Ricardo is the analytical guy. He started as a mathematician and then evolved into a researcher in Artificial Intelligence. He has worked on many R&D projects, for institutions such as the French Atomic Energy Commission, CNRS or Sony. He holds a PhD in Pure Mathematics and he likes the word "arrebol".

For many years at software publishers, Cécile has held a wide variety of technical positions (support engineer, trainer, pre-sales consultant, data integration architect, ...) around BI and data integration, before deciding to focus on what interested her the most in all these roles: listening to customers.

She turned to the position of Customer Success Manager and, after working for a large group, she chose to join Miuros to support their growing clientbase.

Paul developed his commercial craft in the ranks of Side.co and Rocket Internet, where he met a certain Benoit Gagnon, whom he joined in the summer of 2018 as the first employee and first salesperson at Miuros.


Miuros is THE Customer Service Performance Platform.

In a context of booming customer service demand, assuring the best quality experiences is a strategic imperative for customer service people.

Miuros helps managers and team leads to use all their data to improve the quality and performance of their teams.

We do this by combining extensive experience in customer services with AI expertise, to create a unique software platform.

Our solution seamlessly integrates with existing Customer Service Management technologies (Zendesk, Freshdesk, Salesforce) to bring customer service data to life, creating actionable insights to streamline operations — and empowering the whole company to create an outstanding customer experience.

Backed by an investment of more than 2.2 million euros, Miuros is growing internationally with customers all over Europe and the US.

What they are looking for

Miuros is looking for team players who like to support others and don’t fear the shaky startup environment. Miuros’ DNA is European. English is the official language, not only because of the multiple nationalities in the team, but also because it is growing internationally, from the ground up.

Good to know

At Miuros, one of the co-founders is Spanish and lives in Lyon, the other one is Italian and lives in Spain and the third is a Frenchman that just came back from Berlin! Similarly, the whole team is composed of people from various parts of the world: France, England, Canada, Russia and even Denmark.

Despite having offices in Paris, Lyon and Barcelona and with a 'remote working' culture, the team never miss an opportunity to meet up regularly and share good times altogether!

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