Growth Operation Intern

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  • Paris
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    Growth Operation Intern

    • Stáž (6 mesiac/-e/-ov)
    • Dátum nástupu:  
    • Paris
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    Documents are relics from the past, no one should spend time dealing with it anymore. Yet, the only reliable connectors available to get data from the physical world (documents) to the digital world (software) are humans.
    At Mindee, we are changing that by giving developers, businesses and end-users the ability to get instantly all the information they need within any document just from a picture of it. Our API is both easy to use so that all developers can empower their applications in minutes, and reliable in order to serve the most demanding use cases.
    Our API is being used by developers everywhere to automate critical processes such as expense management, accounting, AP automation, loan application, customer onboarding, and many more.
    We aim at creating a global leader in the emerging market of document understanding software.

    Job description

    Your missions

    As the sales team is growing, we need reinforcement in our growth effort! We have two different specialties within the growth team, leads acquisition and sales operation.
    We need someone that could help mainly on the operation part but could be interested and curious in acquisition techniques and channels.
    Sales operations are about the creation of processes to streamline tasks done by members of the sales team, as well as the automation of most of these tasks.

    Your main tasks :

    • Parameterize workflows to optimize the conversion funnel
    • Help streamline, document, and scale our Salesforce environment
    • Spot optimization areas in our sales processes and automate what can be
    • Design, implement and run end-to-end Growth Experiments


    • Work with us in our brand new offices located in the Marais area
    • We are a really fast growing start up, you’ll have a real impact
    • Yearly Company offsite
    • The team is growing fast. Even if we do not know what positions will be up to fill 6 months from now, we can anticipate the possibility for this internship to turn into a full-time position
    • Generous intern salary

    Preferred experience

    Your skills

    • You have previous experience in sales or growth in a startup environment.
    • You’re studying in a top 10 business school or engineering school.
    • You’re a fluent or native English speaker
    • You have a structured thinking process, the ability to understand and explain complex topics
    • You already used a CRM (Salesforce, Hotspot …)
    • The knowledge of some growth tools or some coding skills would be a plus

    About you

    • You are tech-savvy and interested in the Growth Hacking world.
    • You want to learn, improve and gain responsibility.
    • You have a strong entrepreneurial mind, flexibility, proactivity, and autonomy.

    Recruitment process

    • Interview with your future manager
    • Case study
    • Interview with our COO

    Meet the team

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