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Past and future

Their story

Their story

At a time when changes in consumer habits are continuing post-covid, the share of e-commerce has reached 14.1% in the retail sector and could well pass the symbolic 20% mark by 2030*.

Lucky Cart is part of this evolution and accompanies its customers in their quest for shopper engagement when making purchases. To respond to these changes in usage, we rely on data. We transform its complexity into simple, effective, precise and fun operational systems, which are truly powerful commercial levers. A disruptive shopper promise with a robust and ROI business purpose.

*Source: Fevad, Federation of e-commerce and distance selling


millions de shoppers activables

20 milliards

de ligne de ticket de caisse


du parc Drive partenaire

Their vision

At Lucky cart, we capitalise on the analysis of 20 billion receipts collected in real time (cold data) to predict shoppers' consumption and optimise brand presence within its partners' Drive ecosystems.

"We see a dichotomy between a hyper-solicited, volatile and not very loyal shopper who wants a simple, personalised, fast and non-intrusive shopping experience. Not easy!" - Romain Charles, CEO.

We use the data to better understand the purchasing profiles in an individualised way, in order to animate the e-retail mix in an ultra-personalised, fun and profitable way.

Their vision

Company values

Make it simple 🧑🏻‍💼

in a particularly complex business sector, at the heart of technology, data and distribution, we want to offer pragmatic solutions for our clients, simple and engaging for shoppers and accessible to the greatest number.

Human after all 👩🏻‍💼

we firmly believe that collective intelligence, meeting new people, valuing human relationships, respect for all, and a variety of profiles are essential to be creative, understand needs and innovate.

A pinch of madness 👨🏽‍💼

we like this little pinch of madness, this temporary delirium, this discrepancy both in our staff and in our approach. At Lucky Cart we try, we fail, we get back up, we learn... To always go further, to move forward, we are all a tiny bit crazy and we cultivate our 'bit of madness' with care!

Commitments and CSR

At Lucky cart, we value the human factor. It is therefore obvious to us to provide support to people who need it. During the health crisis, we quickly realized that we could put our solutions to the benefit of causes that particularly affect us. Our first initiative was set up in 2020.

We work with retailers and brands to set up the “Gaming for Good” system. The mechanics are very simple: shoppers are encouraged to make donations without spending a penny: when shopping, they just have to add 1 or more products from one of the partner brands to their basket so that 2 euros are systematically donated to the partner association.Simple and effective!


Since 2020, we have been developing our solidarity programme with Les Restos du Cœur. For each shopper eligible for the campaign, i.e. a shopper who buys 1 or more products from one or more of our partner brands, 1 or 2 euros are donated to Restos du Cœur. In 2021, more than 110,000 meals were distributed to the Restos du Cœur. The association has benefited from high visibility among drive-through customers, with over 6.6 million impressions generated.

We are working on Big Data with a strong focus on mass retail, both chains, national brands and private labels, with a specialisation in e-retail," says Romain Charles, CEO of DataTech Lucky Cart.

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