To create protection that insures - instead of an insurance that disappoints. To put an end to small asterisks and exceptions. With one-click only your problem is solved. Lovys aims to empower the consumer by placing him/her at the heart of the insurance experience.

Concretely: Lovys offers a monthly insurance subscription as an alternative to old contracts.

The difference? In addition to a 100% digital experience, the customer can modify or cancel his insurance subscription at any time, but also customize it according to his needs.

It's that simple. This is the future of Property & Casualty Insurance.

What they are looking for

You want to work for a very ambitious start-up that is re-imagining the traditional sector of insurance.

You identify with customer-centric cultures that are not satisfied to follow market standards. You have incredible energy combined with a solid technical background.

Working in an international environment is something you would enjoy, as well as, being in contact with people with very different backgrounds.

Good to know

At Lovys they are a team of more than 100 people, composed of 10 nationalities and working from 5 different countries! In France, our headquarters are located in the heart of Paris in the 2nd district, in the Spaces Bonne Nouvelle, with other startups. In Portugal, our headquarters are located in Leiria, and we also have two other offices in Lisbon and Porto.

Internal peer-to-peer training is encouraged: each team member can learn from the other.

Lovys employees have previously worked in companies such as Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, BCG, L'Oréal, Rakuten, Jumia and Solex.

Transparency is always present: every Monday, all departments share during 60 minutes their goals for the week (as well as the biggest wins of the previous week).

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