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Loft Orbital

Our team brings over 100 years of experience in satellite lifecycle, from initial design to on-orbit operations for missions ranging from CubeSats to complex constellations.

After 25 years in the space industry (Earth observation) in France and in the US, Antoine founded Loft Orbital with two colleagues and friends from Speyer, the start-up of New Space in San Francisco.

The ambition is to finally offer everyone a simple access to space. From the heart of Silicon Valley, Antoine is now happy to set up the French structure based in Toulouse to develop the technologies that will make our vision of space a reality, always in connection with San Francisco.

Antoine has always been fascinated by our Earth, its exploration and has spent all his free time traveling through mountains, volcanoes, and oceans. He believes more than ever in the power of space technologies to observe, know and protect it and wants to gather at Loft all those passionate about this mission.

Originally from Toulouse and with his head in the stars from the beginning, Pierre was able to move to Boston to pursue a master's degree in aerospace engineering at MIT. Passionate about space and tech, he joined, after an experience as an algorithm developer for Fitbit (where he met Antoine), the great space project OneWeb. The objective is to produce for the first time satellites in a production line (2 satellites per day). Challenge successful three years later. He is then project manager of the assembly line and responsible for the digital platforms. Then it's time to find the new exciting and innovative space project, between tech and space. The perfect fit is clear: Loft Orbital. He is currently leading the Toulouse-based R&D center developing the digital platforms and interface technologies to accomplish Loft Orbital's mission.

Her training as an aerospace engineer was punctuated by international experiences (Hong Kong and Quebec City) that opened her eyes to the world. Her end-of-study internship at the Aerospace Valley competitiveness cluster allowed her to complete her technical training. She is now working in a completely new field at Loft Orbital, where she handles many functions with unrivalled ease: power developer, aerospace engineer, operations management for the French structure. Although she is passionate about her work, she also does a lot of other activities: fitness, climbing, motorcycling, piano and singing. She naturally enjoys good Toulouse cuisine and a beer on the banks of the Garonne in the summer.

Etienne joined Loft Orbital in January 2020 just after graduating as a Supaéro engineer! He discovered a passion for space during his studies and that's how he got into this adventure. In spite of a training not necessarily very oriented towards software engineering, the Cockpit project he is working on at Loft gave him the desire to learn something totally new and that's why he is now very happy to work on a software that will allow them to operate their satellites!

Guillaume arrived at Loft Orbital in April 2020. He very quickly turned to computer science, because for him it was a discipline that allowed him to blossom. The job of developer is a permanent challenge and an intellectual challenge. After his engineering studies, he worked at Intel on the design of connected watches. Then he took part in the adventure of a startup developing an immersive cinema headset as a CTO. That's how he understood that this world of startups was his favourite environment with its permanent challenges and dynamism.


Loft Orbital is a provider of space “Missions as-a-Service”.

Founded in 2017 at the heart of the Silicon Valley, Loft Orbital integrates, launches, and operates high-reliability and high-performance spacecraft. Loft Orbital’s approach is centered on enabling standardization to deliver reliable space missions with improved cost and schedule performance.

Loft Orbital’s spacecraft are typically configured as “rideshares”, meaning that multiple customers share the onboard resources of a 100-kg class microsatellite platform.

Loft Orbital is developing the interface technologies, which are both software and hardware, and is thus the first company in the space sector that marry tech and space domains. The French subsidiary, based in Toulouse, focuses on the R&D activities for the development of these technologies.

What they are looking for

Loft Orbital is growing his core team of developers for multiple lines of software products.

These products will enable clients to have full autonomy on the management of their mission, it will help the engineers to optimize the integration phases of the satellite (prior the launch) and to have an internal tool that gather all the data related to a mission (the Space GitHub, kinda).

Loft Orbital is looking for bright, talented and passionate people that come from the tech sector and that will bring their knowledge and creativity into the space domain.

Good to know

Loft Orbital is an international company with a multicultural team that comes from different backgrounds: this diversity is part of the core values of Loft.

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