Le Collectionist

Le Collectionist


With more than 150 employees, and 6 different offices (Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, Verbier, Barcelona, Ibiza), Le Collectionist is composed of several teams:

⚡ CODIR team

⚡ Finance/HR team

⚡ Operations team (Sales, Collections, Tailor and Stay)

⚡ Marketing Team (Brand Image, Performance and Quality)

⚡ Tech Team

Le Collectionist
Le Collectionist
Le Collectionist

Finance/HR team

The support functions are spread over the 6 offices of Le Collectionist. They are composed of:

👉 Office Managers > Our super office managers take care of administrative management, event management and office management.

👉 HR > Our HR team takes care of recruiting our employees, managing their careers and professional development, as well as optimising our growth.

👉 Finance > They deal with financial performance planning and analysis, resource optimisation and budget modelling.

👉 Accountants > They generate the financial statements.

Ce qui m’anime réellement chez Le Collectionist, c’est que je ne m’ennuie jamais car le challenge y est permanent. Nous construisons et grandissons ensemble à la vitesse de la lumière et c’est hyper excitant.

Audrey , HRD

Tailor team

Our super concierge team is dedicated to creating the most unique and unforgettable experiences for each of our clients. Concierges are present in our 6 offices and are each affiliated to a destination. Their missions are diverse and divided into two parts:

1) Preparation of the stay ⏰

Gathering information Proposal of tailor-made services Booking restaurants and experiences

2) Assistance during the stay 🌴

Management of last minute requests Assistance in case of problems

"It was mutual love at first sight, I joined Le Collectionist which matched the values and development strategy of the company I had set up myself 2 years earlier."

Alexandra, Alexandra, Head of Tailors

Operations Team: Sales

Our sales team is in direct contact with our clients. Their main mission is to propose a tailor-made selection of villas according to their needs.

Their challenge is to negotiate with clients and owners, to validate the specific terms and conditions of the bookings, and to close the contracts.

I joined Le Collectionist to be part of a unique adventure, full of challenges and I found the balance between an exceptional team and an exceptional product.

Jules, Jules, Sales, Advisors Sales Advisors

Operations Team: Supply & Stay

The Stay teams take care of pampering our guests throughout their stay. They prepare the villas before arrivals, check-in and check-out, making sure there are no gaps or shortages on departure. The team takes care of our guests and manages last minute requests.

The Supply teams are responsible for finding the most beautiful villas in their destination. In contact with the owners, they select exceptional residences so that our clients can have an unforgettable experience.

I joined the adventure for its modern and uncomplicated approach to luxury rentals. What drives me is to offer exceptional experiences and discover extraordinary places.

Thomas, Thomas, Supply and Stay Manager South East

Marketing Team

The marketing team is divided into three areas:

➡️ Brand & Communication: Management of Le Collectionist’s image, newsletters, social networks, press, mailing, catalogues, digital magazine...

➡️ Performance Marketing: Acquisition and Partner management

➡️ Quality: Ensuring customer satisfaction, auditing, NPS analyses...

Le Collectionist brings together everything that drives me: the desire to create an exceptional experience, innovation, creativity, dynamism and benevolence between employees.

Helene, Helene, Brand & Content Manager