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  • Nantes, Boston, Cambridge, Düsseldorf, Paris

Julien is CEO and co- founder of iAdvize. Previously VP Product Marketing at Zlio, Julien founded iAdvize in 2010. The mission? Make the customer experience authentic. Today iAdvize is the only conversational platform which combines the best of human and AI to optimize customer experience. Working with over 2,000 brands in 100 countries to humanize digital experiences.

On a personal level, Julien is passionate about mountain trails.

Liandri's experience in project management began 5 years ago when she joined an IT company and discovered her strong interest for the tech sector. She joined iAdvize in March 2018 as a Customer Success Strategist for the UK and North American market, focusing on key account onboarding, technical solution deployment and product adoption optimization.

Emilie first started working in sales more than 5 years ago when she joined a SaaS start up. She joined iAdvize 3 years ago, at first Emilie occupied an Inside Sales role, and quickly evolved towards Key Accounts as an Account Executive for EMEA markets. For this role Emilie is in charge of acquiring customers within the European market, by managing the entire sales cycle, in accordance with the business strategy and methodology of iAdvize.

Louis has been passionate about software engineering for many years now, and since joining the development team at iAdvize 3 years ago, he brings insights to build reliable and scalable technical solutions. As a software engineer, Louis is in charge of designing and developing the product.

Elise started her career in digital project management over 6 years ago. Since joining iAdvize, in 2018, Elise has been part of the Product team as a Product Manager. Within this role Elise brings impactful product evolutions so that companies, their customers and experts get more value and a better product experience. To do so, the product manager must collaborate and guide a multidisciplinary team made up of developers towards product evolutions that benefit both internally and externally.

Nathanaelle joined iAdvize in 2015 after a 4 years’ experience in a famous French pure player company. She’s been dedicated to her customers satisfaction ever since, evolving from a medium account portfolio to strategic EMEA accounts. The CSM is the expert in his client's business and the iAdvize solution. He is in charge of the retention and expansion of client accounts, in close collaboration with Client Sales, and aims to generate maximum value and use for the client through the proper delivery of projects through success planning.

Lisa has been in digital design for more than 7 years and is a big believer in user centered design and knowledge sharing. Lisa has been at iAdvize for just over a year as a UI.UX Designer and the aims of this role is to design effective user experiences that will grow the product through the creation of models, interactions, interface design and design of prototypes in connection with the teams. Lisa brings impactful product evolutions so that iAdvize, their customers and the ibbü experts get more value and a better experience every day.


The only conversational platform which combines the best of human and AI to optimize customer experience.

They humanize the digital experience at scale and make it profitable.

iAdvize is a conversational platform which allows over 2,000 brands in 100 countries to humanize digital experiences. By combining the best of human and artificial intelligence, they help our customers to deploy an authentic and profitable online conversational strategy at scale. They connect customers with experts who can advise them and are available 24/7 via messaging. iAdvize is a ‘Gartner Cool Vendor’ certified platform that generates value for brands such as Disney, TUI, L’Oréal, Nespresso. In 2019, a Forrester study proved that a 64% ROI can be achieved.

What they are looking for

At iAdvize they call themselves Geniuses, not because they think that they are all super intelligent, but because back in the day at the very beginning, they thought ‘Geniuses’ meant ‘Genies’ as in Genie in a bottle😂 and the name has stuck 🧞

So what do they look for in their search for their new Geniuses 🤔

🤗Shared values, like friendliness and enjoying sharing genuine moments amongst colleagues

🎯A strong work ethic, putting in what it takes to achieve company and individual goals in order to contribute to the success of the company and the teams

🤝 Building a trusting relationship with management in order to work together on improving skill sets and much more

💪🏽Team work and working transversely on different projects

👩🏻‍💻Autonomy and independence, allowing you to easily concentrate on your everyday tasks

🏆Highly driven and ambitious in order to reach your goals

So, if you can relate to these key elements, you will definitely fit right in here at iAdvize 🧞

Good to know

🎯They receive many applications for their offers, but also try to respond to everyone when they can

🏙️ Most of them work from their HQ in Nantes, but they also have offices in Paris, Boston and Düsseldorf

💼Internal mobility is possible whenever they have opportunities

🍻One of their values is Join the Party

🙌🏻Some of their employee advantages are Genius Food, Genius Beer and Passion Workshops : moments which enable employees to get together over a nice lunch a drink after work or sharing their passions

🌏They have a work from anywhere plan which allows each employee to work from any country twice each year for 5 days at a time

💻Everyone can work remotely at least two days a week

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