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Fullstack Engineer @Kiosk (eFounders)

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Hexa (eFounders)
Hexa (eFounders)

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We are seeking a fullstack engineer (backend tendency) to work with us on building the foundations of the product, of our tech, stack and team. This person should be excited about joining an entrepreneurial journey and significantly impacting the product and technical stack. We’re looking for someone who’s independent and eager to navigate uncharted waters.

This is a unique opportunity to join Kiosk as an early engineer and significantly impact the product and technical stack.

Previous experience in a startup or scale-up organisation is highly valued.

🎯 Your mission

You will work closely with the engineering and product team to build a world-class product and create value for our current and future beta testers.


  • Build the foundations of the client faced platform and client faced features

  • Build, maintain and test product features end-to-end, from the user interface to the API, from the documentation to the security aspects

  • Work closely with the founders and product team of eFounders to shape the platform

  • Implementing coding best practices (clean code, test, typing…), help us build a very high-quality codebase and set the foundations of what it will become

Preferované skúsenosti

  • 3+ years of experience in a full-stack web dev position (or a backend dev position with small experience in frontend tasks)

  • Strong experience in Node.js (vanilla or one of its backend variants: Express, NestJs, …). Cherry on the cake: experience in NestJs

  • Experience with relational database

  • Ownership mentality: you like to take initiative and build features from conception to production

  • Product & business sense: you care about what you build and the value you create for users. “code is just a way to a bigger mean” → this sentence resonates with you

  • Team player: you enjoy learning from each other, thrive in teams and communicate with ease

  • Bias for action: you are a doer and like to build, no task is below you

  • Strong attention to detail: code quality and good UX is important to you and you set a high bar

💻 Our tech stack

This is the stack that we work with, you don’t have to know it all:

  • Backend: NestJs (Node + express) monolith for the API (outposts with serverless Lambdas and SQS for queuing)

  • Frontend: React, TailwindCss, TailwindUI

  • DB: Postgres & Prisma (ORM) + Redis

  • Tools: Github, Github actions, Postman, Copilote etc…

  • Testing: Cypress, Jest

  • Infra: AWS, Serverless Lambda, SQS, Render

Engineering mindset

  • We want to go fast. Velocity is our greatest weapon

  • We strive for software craftsmanship and good practices, such as clean code, peer programming, and code reviews

  • Develop, deploy and maintain features. We own our choices and our code!

  • The tech serves the company’s goal, not the other way around

  • Each piece of code serves a specific purpose and delivers value

  • We are here to ship, build a startup, learn and have fun while doing 🚀

🍾 Benefits

  • Competitive compensation and equity package

  • Latest Macbook

  • Awesome colleagues with high ambitions (the founders + Hexa (eFounders) core team)

  • Brand new offices located in the heart of Paris. We operate on a Hybrid working model. A few days a week in the office Paris, the rest is up to you.

Hexa is committed to creating a diverse environment. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment irrespective of gender, origin, identity, background and sexual orientation.

We know there’s a long way to go regarding diversity in our industry, which is why we encourage all applicants- especially those listed above- to apply to our open positions.

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