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    Head of Product

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    Gatling is one of the biggest open-source success stories in the testing industry with +8,000,000 downloads. Started as a side project, Gatling quickly gathered a huge community around the world: +100,000 companies are now load testing with Gatling in +100 countries.

    The key to success? Gatling promotes a radical paradigm shift in the load testing industry through technological innovation. Gatling now competes with IT giants (Microfocus, Broadcomm) and doubles its revenues each year.

    Gatling: test, succeed, iterate!

    Application or website crashes make newspapers headlines, damage customer satisfaction and are very expensive. Crashes always happen at the worst moment for your business, when everyone is visiting your website or application at the same time. Every company has to deal with it at some point: Blackfriday, TV ad campaigns or even the go-live of an application.

    Gatling makes testing solutions designed for new Web trends and practices, new development methodologies (DevOps, CI/CD) and new technologies. Our secret sauce: Gatling made it possible to test very early during the development of an application and to automate these tests. That means more tests and more data to make the best technological choices during the development lifecycle.

    What will Gatling look like in 10-15 years? We want to be one of the major players of the DevOps tooling industry and to be the best ally of every major success in the digital world: the unicorn behind all unicorns.

    Job description

    Gatling has now hundreds of customers and doubles its revenues each year. We are at a turning point in our history: we are about to launch a SaaS model of our Enterprise offers that will attract way more customers within a short period of time.

    Gatling’s new challenges for our Head of Product: transitioning from a traditional software editor business to a SaaS business, from fast growth to hyper-growth and from startup to scale-up. We have +300 of customers today that are mainly large companies (75%), mostly in the US (40%), in France (25%) and in the rest of Europe (25%). But compared to our 100,000 daily open-source users, we still have a long road ahead of us, and beyond!

    With our SaaS offer, we target to massively convert our community, that is still mainly using our open-source solution today, to the benefits of our Enterprise product, and boost our innovation strategy. We want to simplify the customer experience and offer features that enhance our value proposition.

    Our goal is to reach 1 million euros in MRR within 2 years. In order to achieve this, our Head of Product will be in charge of:

    • Collaboration between our tech team and our Marketing and Sales teams
    • User research: Gatling has now hundreds of customers using our self-hosted product, but very few data on usage. With the launch of our SaaS solution, you will gather and structure our customer feedback, and gather data to craft our roadmap
    • Defining our persona for our Marketing and Sales teams
    • Building the Product Roadmap with our CTO
    • Tooling & monitoring: implement and spread the adoption of tools to achieve your goals

    You report directly to our CEO and you work with our CTO and our tech team. You are responsible for driving our Product-Led Growth Strategy.

    Your performance is measured through the following KPIs:

    • Usage rate of features and impact on revenues
    • Product NPS
    • Respect of budget and timing regarding product development

    Preferred experience

    To implement this transition only within a few months, our Head of Product must have the following skills:

    • Experience. You already worked for companies developing B2B tech products
    • Storytelling and writing skills. You are in touch with developers, testers, ops, CTOs, Product managers from all over the world. You share with them our insights and deeply involve them in our development. You speak English fluently
    • Data-oriented. You generate data, create KPIs to monitor the impact of our R&D
    • Diplomat, solution-driven, collaborative, leader and visionary. Problem-solving and conflict-resolution ability. You evangelize our product vision to various profiles within our company, from tech-oriented people, to Sales and Marketing people

    But also, our Head of Product is eager to work:

    • In a deep tech environment
    • In a startup planning multiple fundraisings for its development
    • In a company that steadily questions its strategy and processes, that promotes a results-driven culture
    • In a fast growing team
    • For a future tech champion!

    Meet the team

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