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Francis studied literature before coming back to the family farm to assist his father. For 30 years, he explores technical itineraries adapted to each type of soil and he immerses himself in scientific works and innovative solutions developed abroad. It allows him to create a new approach and unique products to revitalize soils. With Samuel, he founds Gaïago to participate to the farmers' mission : to cultivate and transmit a healthy and fertile land.

From the family farm to a degree in Agricultural Engineering followed by a career upstream of the agricultural sector, Jean-Pierre has always been rooted in the agricultural world in France, Europe and the United States. Throughout his career, he has been working for the innovation that serves agriculture: plant protection, seeds, bio-control and biostimulants.

President of the UIPP from 2008 to 2012 - the Union of Plant Protection Industries - he focuses in particular on the topic of farmers' health. He then chairs the IBMA - the association of biocontrol industrialists - while becoming the director of Goëmar. With the evolution of the group, he takes for Arysta (UPL) the lead of Biosolutions internationally until 2016.

With his experience and with his knowledge of the sector after more than 35 years in agribusiness, Jean-Pierre joins Gaïago in 2019.

Son of a farmer, Agricultural Engineer, Samuel made his first steps in the cooperative world in France. He then joined an innovative company in agriculture where he climbed the ladder to become head of the sales force (60 people). There, he developed an exceptional network of partners and individuals passionate about soil life. With Francis Bucaille, whom he meets during this experience, he decides to found Gaïago with the following vision: Man is alive when Soil is alive.

Charles is an engineer in Agriculture and a graduate of ESSEC Business School. He starts his career working for Danone abroad and later on switches to strategy consulting. During a mission for an agricultural cooperative, he goes back to his true roots. He chooses to work in the field of Biosolutions, first as a lobbyist and then as an executive in a multinational crop protection company. He joins Gaïago in 2019 to bring to market holistic, pragmatic and coherent solutions that take into account the complexity of nature and life.

Olivier has always been fascinated by agriculture and is himself a farmer in the Garonne valley. He has been working in the sector of agricultural supplies for 28 years. He is an agricultural engineer and has experienced managing Sales Departments in several companies in the sector. Notably, he contributes to the success of the De Sangosse group, the French leader in biosolutions, where he is for 13 years Sales Manager for France and export and where he sits on the management committee. Drawing on this experience, he joins Gaïago in 2020 as sales director for France and international markets. Olivier is driven by the deep conviction that farmers must move towards more efficient and sustainable modes of production, combining productivity and respect for the environment.

Passionate about wine from an early age, Nicolas quickly chose an agricultural career. Today a graduate from the Ecole supérieure d'agricultures of Angers with a specialization in viticulture and oenology, his career path is essentially centered around the vine, with experiences in winemaking at Domaine de la Janasse and in viticultural research in Switzerland.

Back in his native region of Champagne, Nicolas works then in the viticultural development section of Veuve Cliquot Ponsardin on the links between soil life and vine vigor.

Before joining Gaïago, Nicolas worked for Truchon Diffusion with about fifty winegrowers in the Champagne region, always promoting an innovative, healthy and sustainable viticulture.

As a Living Soil Engineer, he operates today in a sales and technical position where he supports agricultural distribution and farmers, with the conviction that the soil must be put back at the heart of growing systems. It is the contacts with customers, sharing moments and points of view that motivates him on a daily basis.

After a master's degree in environment, Margaux chose to work mainly in the associative sector and in NGOs where she has coordinated sustainable projects in various sectors for almost 10 years. Later on, she brought her skills as a freelance on projects related to the study of the impacts of global warming in the polar region, the protection of the ocean or the immersion in nature.

She joins Gaïago as Talent Acquisition Manager to contribute to the identification of the necessary talents for the company's development and in order to ensure their integration, follow-up and training.

Through her generalist education in preparatory class and business school, Aurélie sought to explore different sectors with an affinity for social and environmental issues, while fulfilling her appetite for foreign cultures and languages.

Through her experiences, she seeks to participate in meaningful missions. In addition, a strong desire emerges: that of being as close as possible to technical or scientific fields.

Thanks to Gaïago, she discovers a new realm in agronomy and agriculture: a field of action for her social and environmental convictions, a field of exploration for her curiosity.

Aurélie participates in the development of Gaïago by coordinating communication and internal animation projects, with the will to deploy the values of the company: respecting people, respecting facts and respecting the environment.

Augustin has a rich and diversified background in the world of finance: he operates both in financing and investment strategy, but also in more operational financial functions. He has worked successively for financial intermediaries and for industrial groups such as Air Liquide, Alstom and for the last 3 years for Puratos, where he discovered the world of baking.

It is this burgeoning passion for sourdoughs and for bakery in general that brings him, indirectly, to Gaïago. Becoming interested in raw materials, flours and their production, he puts a first foot into the agricultural world and acquires a better understanding of the various environmental, social and economic issues of agriculture.

As director of the administrative and financial department, Augustin wishes to facilitate the strategic and operational development of the company, in particular through the improvement of internal processes and though financial and performance monitoring. His goal is to create an efficient and agile organization out of Gaïago.

Born into a family of farmers for more than 4 generations, Simon is from the French department of La Manche in the heart of the breeding lands of the Parc des Marais du Cotentin. He is naturally passionate about agriculture and followed a professional training before joining the family farm for more than ten years. This passion led him to business and the desire to discover other production systems.

For 6 years, he worked as a technical sales representative in plant production, before rising to positions of responsibility at regional levels.

Driven by challenges and innovation, Simon is keen to study each agricultural production system, to analyze its functioning and to bring his expertise in order to support farmers in the agro-ecological transition.

He joins Gaïago as Regional Director for the North-West region, with the mission of coordinating a team of Living Soil Engineers and accompanying them in their daily challenges.


Agriculture is undergoing a revolution, and Gaïago is in the lead.

Their ambition?
Becoming the independent leader in soil revitalization.

Gaïago develops comprehensive and innovative soil analyses and produces soil rebalancing products, bio-stimulants and biocontrol products.

Many farmers, researchers and technical centers have already approved the performance of the products and the company has significant traction in the distribution networks.

Launched in 2014 and with a solid technological platform, Gaïago is recruiting men and women who want to write the future of agriculture.

Gaïago is led by 5 partners from the biotechnology / Agtech industry, with successful scale-up experiences in the fields of Biosolutions.

What they are looking for

Gaïago is looking for men and women who want to make a difference. Entrepreneurs at heart, they wish to put their energy at the disposal of farmers to help them cultivate and transmit a healthy and fertile land.

Deeply interested in agronomy & agriculture, they are looking for various skills in sales, marketing, communication, development, HR, finance...

Respecting people, respecting facts and respecting the Earth : those are the compasses that guide the team's action and the values that Gaïago wishes to share with the candidates.

Good to know

Joining Gaiago is:

Being an entrepreneur : they aim high, try many things and surpass themselves.

Thinking global: they want to bring together the parts of a whole. Descartes, beware!

Being visionary: agriculture is transforming, they are part of this transformation with all the actors, in all humility, but keeping their eyes focused on the long-range stakes.

Work organisation: At Gaïago, flexibility and responsibility go hand in hand. Between the field, teleworking and the offices in Saint-Malo, everyone has the freedom to self-organize as long as it remains in a spirit of cooperation and performance!

Little extra: Picnic table in the garden, beautiful region, seaside, what else could you ask for?

Recruitment process :

#30 mn screening phone interview

#Personal interview with a team member, possibly a partner

#Validation interview with 2 of the associates

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