Graduated from an engineering school, Khalil joined the Expensya Team since 2014 as one of the first Web Developers of the team. Two years later, he became a Lead Developer with the mission of industrializing the development process and helping with the design and deployement of new modules.

2018: new challenge and new outlooks. Khalil expressed the wish to become a manager within the team. Since then, he has managed and supported a team of full-stack developers as they develop their expertise and skills.

For over 3 years Olfa has been responding to the problems of Expensya users. Her mission is to support customers in their first steps as a new user and to help them when they encounter a problem.

Her Accounting and Marketing background has opened the doors for her to be part of Expensya’s technical support service. Her rich and very diverse experience allows her to carry out her mission.

Her secret? A good listening skill, a proximity to the client as well as an increased knowledge of her product! This is how Olfa manages to perfectly support hundreds of users every day and with a smile.

After a master's degree in marketing in Business School, Yossra joined Expensya as a Content Manager. Her mission was to create content to establish brand awareness and optimize the various acquisition and conversion funnels.

Over time, Yossra has been entrusted with other missions in the field of Marketing, to include press relations, event management, defining the e-Marketing strategy, and customer relationship management. It is therefore natural that her position has evolved to make her the communication manager of Expensya.

Today, Yossra manages and coordinates all aspects of online and offline communication and content creation - from planning to production - in order to guarantee brand awareness and provide the rest of the teams with up-to-date, targeted and impactful material.

Cloud and Machine Learning specialist, Karim worked in Parrot, Musiwave and Microsoft where he was manager of a Cloud team. He managed the deployment and upgrade of a music streaming solution to more than 20 million users.

Several times entrepreneur, Karim knows the torture of expense reports and wishes to see it disappear.

As such, Karim decides to found Expensya, by teaming up with Jihed OTHMANI met on the benches of INSA Toulouse, to develop a solution at the cutting edge of technology designed and thought out to support companies of all sizes to automate the expense reports management.

The solution is a concentrate of new generation technologies, offering a 100% mobile expense management process, zero entry and zero paper.

Coming from a Business Engineering background, Alexis has had a rich experience in several companies which have enabled him to discover "Business World" and to enrich his skills and knowledge.

Then in 2017, a new experience with Expensya has come along, where he had the opportunity to evolve at the same pace of the company: he went from Junior sales to Business Engineer of Major Accounts by going through a role Senior Sales and Sales Manager.

Today, Alexis supports prospects and customers in the search and deployment of the solution best suited to their needs and expectations.

Graduated from a Computer Science school, Mohamed is one of Expensya's first recruits, he joined the team as a mobile developer in 2015. After two and a half years, he wanted to experience a new international challenge and he joined an IT services and consultancy company in France.

This experience was enriching, but it was not up to Expensya's level. He then returned to the company and changed his job to take up a new challenge: by holding the position of deployment project manager with a technical focus. The best of both worlds, according to him, given his passion for techno and development!

His mission? Is to Manage major accounts deployment projects. He supports his clients throughout the entire implementation and post-deployment phase. He considers it to be a unique opportunity to have had the chance to hold the positions of mobile developer and project manager within a fast-growing company.


The expertise of a leader and the agile culture of a startup: this is the origin of Expensya's success!

Launched in 2014, Expensya is a smart business expense management solution for companies of all sizes.  The company is currently in the midst of an internationalisation process and is now a major player outside of France, accompanying 5,000 companies in more than 100 countries and bringing together more than 500,000 users on its platform, spread over five continents.

Expensya is committed to reinventing business expense management with a 360° unified payment system that automates the process and saves time for employees and finance teams.

The solution automates the entire process from payment to accounting integration, providing users with unparalleled functional completeness and financial process expertise!

What they are looking for

Taking part in this passionate adventure is a promise of a unique journey within a company that has managed to build leader expertise while keeping its startup DNA.

It is about joining a world of opportunities, transforming dreams into reality, and evolving in a stimulating environment.

Good to know

Joining Expensya team is a promise of an extraordinary adventure, both professionally and personally.

The team advocates diversity, teamwork, and of course moments of sharing and conviviality.

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