Business Team

Our business team’s missions are divided as follows:

  • Finance, Administration, HR, Operations: scaling the organization in the most efficient way possible and bringing new Dioxyclers on board to join forces in our mission.

  • Sales: identifying new opportunities where CO2 can be removed and converted fast and as cost effectively as possible to displace fossil-derived products.

Every day, we wake up with the same question: how do we maximize our environmental benefit by maximizing the economic value we can bring to industrial players? (Since such economic benefit will motivate large and fast adoption of our decarbonization technology)

Sarah , Co-founder & CEO

CCUS analysis team

inventing business models that support a future chemistry based on CO2 and not oil by combining industrial integration and carbon accounting expertise.

Our current technical challenges are to make the electrolyzer as effective and efficient at converting carbon dioxide as possible, i.e. engineering every component so that CO2 is converted without losing too much energy.

David, Co-founder & CTO

At DIOXYCLE, I work as a chemical engineer. My main mission is to explore and demonstrate the versatility of our platform by making different kinds of products cost-efficiently.

Fanny, R&D Chemical Engineer

Systems Team

Our system team combines process, mechanical and physics modelling engineers for the multi-scale optimization of our CO2 conversion systems. Through our fully integrated approach, we uniquely position ourselves to develop and deliver first-of-their-kind systems at the pace needed to play a significant role in chemicals’ decarbonization.

My mission is to design systems that are safe, efficient, and durable to convert the CO2 into the desired valuable product. It is fascinating because it is at the crossroad of a lot of different disciplines such as fluid dynamics, chemistry, process engineering, and computer science.

Bastien, Smart automation engineer

Chemistry Team

Our chemistry team focuses on the development of novel catalytic cores for the conversion of CO2 into valuable chemicals and fuels. Through the unique combination of catalytic, organic and electrochemical expertise, our team innovates on both the materials and their interfacing to push CO2 conversion rates to the level required for large-scale deployment of the technology, now.

At DIOXYCLE, I have a very flexible day-to-day routine where I can pursue good ideas and drop bad ones quite quickly. It is a very fast-paced, inventive way of working, and we move fast

Edward, Chemical engineer