A few steps away from the Forbidden City, Clement perfected his Mandarin during the Beijing Olympics where he worked as an interpreter. This is where he first joined CXG, at their China office, in the very early days of its establishment. After China, he was offered the opportunity to go to New York to establish and expand the business within the American market, an expatriation that lasted almost 6 years. Back in France, Clément was then responsible for the European subsidiary and managed to partner with around a hundred Luxury Maisons. He is now heading the 'Measurement' practice at the Company global level.

After completing a master’s degree in events, Lauriane worked at Roland-Garros as a quality audit manager before joining CXG. She also worked several years as a prestige hostess on different events such as the TFWA in Cannes where she got to meet members of CXG leadership team. Three years after this event, she joined the Operations and Community Coordinator team of CXG. Her enthusiasm and her dynamism were obvious from the very beginning. Today Lauriane works remotely. She comes to the Paris office several times a month to meet with the team and enjoys the team spirit.

After several experiences in communication and Human Resources roles, CXG offered to Thérèse a role within the Operations team. She had the opportunity to grow with the group again and joined lately the Academy, where she leads training, support and coaching projects for luxury houses. Today, she contributes to developing the Academy in synergy with the various practices of the group, to offer CXG customers relevant and comprehensive solutions.

After graduating with a Masters degree in International Business Management, followed by a first experience as a recruitment consultant, Thibault joined the CXG teams almost 5 years ago as Client Success Manager. Since then, Thibault seized the opportunities to develop real relationships with the brands that he helps and advises on a daily basis. He further elevated and stepped up into managerial functions, and today he is a Senior Client Success Manager at CXG.

After graduating from university in China, Xiaomei pursued her Masters studies for another two years in France, majoring in “International marketing and brand management” at NEOMA. During her first internship for a premium brand, she identified that there's always a gap between a brand promise and how customers perceived it.
This is when she decided to join a customer research team to see how to bridge these gaps. For her final year, she joined CXG in May 2021 as a research intern, part of the customer insights practice team. At the end of her internship, she was offered a permanent role. Her passion for customer research convinced her to continue and grow with CXG.


CXG offers strategic solutions that impact performance and elevate the customer experience of luxury and premium brands. They partner with their clients and support them at every stage of their CX transformation, providing insights and driving change.

Founded in China in 2006, they are today very proud to be a global business: from Shanghai to Paris, they have 12 offices, they operate across four continents in 70 countries and are home to over 160 professionals from around the world. CXG caters to over 200 of the world’s iconic premium and luxury brands such as Gucci, Dior and IWC.

They offer an end-to-end CX transformation framework, through their 4 practices:

  • Customer Insights
  • Measurement
  • Academy
  • Consulting & transformation.

What they are looking for

While integrity and authenticity are essential and non-negotiable, passion, boldness and commitment are what uniquely characterize the CXG team.

CXG believes that the diversity of their team is a core strength. Being part of the CXG team means showing mutual respect to the many different cultures, nationalities and lifestyles represented in the company.

By being tolerant, inclusive, dynamic and innovative, CXG provides the ideal environment that enables the constant development of their talents.

Whenever they talk to their clients, their customers or their own team, it is people, and their emotions and experiences, that always come first. This means demonstrating empathy and compassion, and working together as a cohesive strong team.

United by the common goal of building a beautiful and sustainable adventure, the CXG team challenges the status quo on a daily basis and combines partnership and knowledge sharing without compromising on excellence.

CXG is looking for talented people who believe in the opportunity of every project, and who wish to evolve and develop their own expertise while living by the CXG principles and values.

Good to know

  • Born in China, CXG is a global business today: from Shanghai to Paris, they have 12 offices, operate across four continents in 70 countries.
  • CXG celebrated their 15th anniversary in 2021.
  • CXG promotes the improvement of the working and collaboration environment through quarterly engagement surveys, making it possible to define concrete action plans and new HR policies.
  • Horizontal evolutions are as possible as vertical ones.
  • Possibility of international mobility.
  • You need to be comfortable in a growing and agile environment.

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