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Diversity & Inclusion


CXG is a global multicultural company, with colleagues, partners and clients from diverse backgrounds and countries. Diversity is more than just a word for us. We believe this diversity is a core strength. It drives innovation and gives us a strong competitive advantage. It guides how we build our teams, deliver our solutions and create a company that’s right for every colleague and every client.

We are building a culture where difference is valued and encouraged. Our CXG workplaces reflect the global market we operate in, the brands we partner with and the communities we serve. CXG is an equal opportunity employer. Religion, race, age, gender, nationality, or sexual orientation, play no part in hiring, on-boarding, promotion, development opportunities, or pay and benefits within our business.

We show mutual respect to the many different cultures, nationalities and lifestyles represented in ourvcompany, and embrace and celebrate our colleagues’ customs.

CXG Values

Our network



We believe that great customer experience starts with great employee experience.

We partner with brands to design and deliver training, coaching and mentoring to managers and frontline teams, equipping them with the tools and competencies to deliver exceptional experiences.

We enable luxury brands to elevate customer experience by ensuring that what happens on the shopfloor aligns with their overall CX strategy.

Join CXG as a Coach and be part of the team who:

  • Helps people to close the gap between knowing and doing.
  • Helps embed CX cultural patterns into management practices.
  • Helps managers and employees change old mindsets and embed new behaviors that drive sustainable changes.


  • Effective research enables brands to understand their customers’ expectations, purchasing behaviors, and brand perceptions across all touchpoints.
  • A specially valued large and diverse community, our evaluators enable us to achieve the mission of gaining valuable insights revealing potential gaps and how to bridge them.
  • Our evaluators are ‘undercover customers’ sent in to observe, interact, and report on store data. Typically, the evaluator provides his/her objective feedback about the service provided and overall customer experience.

Join CXG as a Premium and Luxury brands Evaluators.


CXG offers strategic solutions that impact performance and elevate the customer experience of luxury and premium brands. They partner with their clients and support them at every stage of their CX transformation, providing insights and driving change.

Founded in China in 2006, they are today very proud to be a global business: from Shanghai to Paris, they have 12 offices, they operate across four continents in 70 countries and are home to over 200 professionals from around the world. CXG caters to over 200 of the world’s iconic premium and luxury brands such as Gucci, Dior and IWC.

They offer an end-to-end CX transformation framework, through their 4 practices:

  • Customer Insights
  • Measurement
  • Academy
  • Consulting & transformation.

What they are looking for

While integrity and authenticity are essential and non-negotiable, passion, boldness and commitment are what uniquely characterize the CXG team.

CXG believes that the diversity of their team is a core strength. Being part of the CXG team means showing mutual respect to the many different cultures, nationalities and lifestyles represented in the company.

By being tolerant, inclusive, dynamic and innovative, CXG provides the ideal environment that enables the constant development of their talents.

Whenever they talk to their clients, their customers or their own team, it is people, and their emotions and experiences, that always come first. This means demonstrating empathy and compassion, and working together as a cohesive strong team.

United by the common goal of building a beautiful and sustainable adventure, the CXG team challenges the status quo on a daily basis and combines partnership and knowledge sharing without compromising on excellence.

CXG is looking for talented people who believe in the opportunity of every project, and who wish to evolve and develop their own expertise while living by the CXG principles and values.

Good to know

  • Born in China, CXG is a global business today: from Shanghai to Paris, they have 12 offices, operate across four continents in 70 countries.
  • CXG provides the flexibility of a hybrid work model, allowing the team to spend a few days working at the office while also enabling them to work from home.
  • CXG promotes the improvement of the working and collaboration environment through quarterly engagement surveys, making it possible to define concrete action plans and new HR policies.
  • Horizontal evolutions are as possible as vertical ones.
  • Possibility of international mobility.
  • You need to be comfortable in a growing and agile environment.

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