Comment rejoindre la Team Centreon ?

Le recrutement en trois étapes

  1. Échange avec Amélie - Comprendre votre parcours, vos compétences, vos atouts et vos passions. Vous présenter Centreon.

  2. Rencontre avec votre futur manager : Discuter plus profondément de nos attentes mutuelles concernant le poste et de vos objectifs en termes de carrière.

  3. Rencontre avec votre futur équipe, vos futurs collègues : Parler technique avec vos pairs. Vérifier que le courant passe entre vous et que vous partagez les mêmes valeur

Nos valeurs

Customer First

Take Responsibility

Work and Play

Teamwork for success

Innovate for simplicity

Bienveillant à l'intérieur comme à l'extérieur

Nos engagements

Global compact

S'engager de manière éthique, opérer de manière à remplir les responsabilités fondamentales dans les domaines des droits de l'homme, du travail, de l'environnement et de la lutte contre la corruption.

Women's Empowerment Principles

20 femmes soit 21% de nos effectifs

6 femmes recrutées en 2020 soit 26% des nouveaux embauchés en 2020

Charte de la diversité

11 nationalités différentes


Independent software editor, Centreon provides open and flexible solutions dedicated to the IT supervision of traditional, hybrid or cloud infrastructures, systems and networks.

It is during their studies at EPITECH that the founders of the company discovered open source IT supervision. As part of their graduation project, they began to develop a more user-friendly and simpler web interface, which greatly facilitates supervision. Thanks to its own open source community, the Centreon interface is gradually gaining in popularity.

Since 2005, Centreon has been developed with the support of a community of more than 200,000 members and active users.

With an experience of more than 15 years, Centreon has developed a unique know-how in computer supervision. Thanks to its 600 customers, made up of SMEs as well as Large Accounts, spread all over the world and some of which are listed in the Fortune Global 500, Centreon has today an international reputation.

What they are looking for

Centreon is looking for passionate, agile people with a deep sense of commitment and a strong team spirit. Centreon is looking for people from all walks of life to broaden its perspectives and take on the challenges of its growth.

Good to know

  • To know how to walk in the fog of a fog machine
  • To know the secrets of the paquito
  • A good mood!
  • Afterwork!
  • It's not only the keyboard that itches? (guitar or any other instrument)
  • They're looking for a DJ!
  • Showers (especially after lunch sports or biking)
  • Remote friendly for those who don't like to take showers on site
  • Swag pack built in!
  • Come discover the flavors of Asia in the heart of the 13th century
  • Office too beautiful, look at the pictures.

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