Axcess is a company in the customer service and events business since more than 20 years. We manage the customer service in companies for our clients and we choose for our team very skilled hosts and hostesses to do the tasks that are asked. And we furnish them also the appropriate tools (uniforms, databases, smartphones, warderobe tickets, tablet computer, computers). These services are realized taking in account the customer’s needs and wishes, that were defined in advance during the management team in our office. The companies that entrust us their customer service have different activity fields, sizes, and different expectations. Their common denominator is their common requirements level.

What they are looking for

The company is always in search of new profils, motivated, smiling, and having a customer service. It is very important to love the human contact,, because the hosts and the hostesses are the first visit card of the company that they have to represent every day. The profession evolve and the missions too! With an initiative and innovator spirit, Axcess hires also Hospitality Managers as well as Office Managers that guarantee the good communication of information between the coworkers.

Good to know

The loyalty of our customers is a proof of their trust and their satisfaction it is our big reward.

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