Customer Success Officer - Low Touch (M/F/X)


Customer Success Officer - Low Touch (M/F/X)

  • CDI 
  • Paris




  • SaaS / Cloud Services
  • Entre 50 et 250 salariés

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Customer Success Officer - Low Touch (M/F/X)

  • CDI 
  • Paris

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Who are they?

Chez Yousign, nous réinventons l’expérience de signature électronique grâce à une solution SaaS rapide, légale et sécurisée 100% européenne.🖊⚡

Fondée en 2013 à Caen par Luc Pallavidino et Antoine Louiset, notre scale-up est présente en France, en Italie 🇮🇹, en Allemagne 🇩🇪 et posera bientôt ses valises en Pologne 🇵🇱 !

Notre objectif ? Devenir le leader européen de la signature électronique en permettant aux indépendants, TPE, PME et ETI, de simplifier leurs flux de travail. 🤸‍♀️

🚀 Pour cela, nous mettons toutes les chances de notre côté :

  • 2019 : nous intégrons eFounders, l’un des meilleurs start-up studio SaaS en Europe,
  • 2021 : nous levons 30 millions d’euros auprès de eFounders et Lead Edge Capital, déjà connus pour avoir investi dans BlaBlaCar, Asana, Zoom, Spotify ou encore Uber.

Nous proposons deux solutions de signature électronique :

  • une web application, prête à l’emploi et accessible de n’importe où,
  • une API (interface de programmation d’application), qui s’intègre facilement dans les logiciels métiers

Un peu de chiffres ?

À ce jour, Yousign, ce sont :

  • près de 180 yousigners en présentiel dans nos bureaux de Paris et de Caen ou en télétravail total (30% des salariés) 👦💻
  • plus de 10000 clients qui nous font confiance quotidiennement 🤝
  • plus de 3 millions de signatures chaque mois 🔝
  • un magnifique taux de croissance annuel, qui fait de nous la scale-up de signature électronique la plus performante d’Europe 💪
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Job description

Your role in 2 lines 

You will be responsible for the daily accompaniment and satisfaction of our clients.  As a Customer Success Officer - Low Touch (M/F/X), your role is essential to taking care of them and offering them the best possible experience. 

A little more detail 

As a Customer Success Officer - Low Touch, your mission will be to take care of our APP and API clients. Directly managed by the Lead Customer Success, you will be responsible for the engagement, the accompaniment and the success of your portfolio of Low Touch clients.  

Your objective is to build a relationship of confidence  with your clients to become the point of reference all along the project. You must accompany the client in the deployment of Yousign solutions, advise them and propose answers and appropriate solutions. You must ensure the satisfaction of our clients to keep them loyal and transform them into ambassadors of our brand. In addition, you must identify high-potential clients and pinpoint opportunities to boost up-sales. Lastly, you must understand the product usage of your clients to improve sales cycles.  


Your missions

  • Embody Yousign’s values to your client portfolio. You will be their privileged point of contact and for that you will be a representative of our tools, brand and the entire team 
  • Guide our clients to an optimal use of Yousign’s solutions and help them surpass their objectives thanks to our tools 
  • Guarantee the proof of value (ROI): reporting, calls, meetings, Business Reviews
  • Manage, develop and  maintain your client portfolio 
  • Identify at-risk clients to minimise churn  
  • Identify accounts that don’t use our product to the maximum by analyzing data to support your conclusion
  • Participate in the reflection of automating certain actions all in guaranteeing a client relationship that is personal and customized 
  • Contribute to the development of our products by sharing client feedback with the product and tech teams. You are the voice of the client at Yousign! You will therefore have the opportunity to propose new use cases and functionalities  
  • Participate in the development of Customer Success at Yousign. You will join a team that is growing, meaning you can contribute new ideas that permit the team to become better every day 

More about you

  • You have a first experience (internships included) in a similar position in a BtoB SaaS environment
  • You know how to adapt to new people and situations. For that, you must also be passionate and patient
  • You understand and are enthusiastic about the terms: “high touch”, “low touch”, “churn, “upsell”, “rétention” 
  • You like to participate in building new strategies for your clients, resolving complex problems and finding the information that they need
  • You are curious and you learn fast  
  • Your written and spoken communication in English and in French is impeccable
  • You are precise and detail-oriented
  • You want to evolve in a dynamique environment that is constantly evolving. You are at ease multi-tasking and solving several problems at once
  • You have team spirit,empathy and are a good-listener 

Your Team

You will join the Customer Service BU, today composed of:

  • Alice, our Customer Service Director
  • Customer Enablement Team - responsible for educating and training our clients 
  • Customer Care Team - charged with technical support 
  • Customer Success Team - the team you will join, composed of Davy (Lead CS), and three other CSOs in the daily accompaniment of our clients 

The Customer Service Team is dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience to our clients. Its development is a priority for realising the success and growth of Yousign. 



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