Data Scientist |  Machine Learning - Recommender System


Data Scientist | Machine Learning - Recommender System

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Data Scientist | Machine Learning - Recommender System

  • CDI 
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  • Bac +5 / Master
  • > 2 ans

Who are they?

We know it, you know it. Most companies ramble on about purpose and making the world a better place. And pretty often it feels a bit… well, forced. But we’d like to think that our story is special for real. Hear us out. The story of Nextory began in Syria, where our founders grew up. When they were children, they witnessed how the dictatorship limited the access to books, and saw what it did to their country. So when Shadi and Ninos came to Sweden, they made it their mission to make books available to everyone.

Fast forward a few years, and Nextory was born. We offer a monthly subscription where our users can read and listen to as many books as they like. Sounds like a pretty cool product to work with, right? We think so too.

So we run a fast-growing platform that enables the unlimited distribution of stories and knowledge in various digital formats such as audiobooks and e-books in ten different countries. Nextory has endless stories, insights, and inspiration to discover so that we all can continue to see different things and bring ourselves and the world forward.

Find your next story, and join us to be part of making the world a reading place!

Want to know more about Nextory?Company culture, teams, technical stack, jobs... Let's go for an immersion!
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Job description

We’re on the hunt for a Data Scientist to join our outstanding team on the quest of making the world a happier and more democratic place. You should be based in Stockholm or in Paris.

As a Data Scientist | ML & Recommender System Expert at Nextory your primary focus will be the development of algorithms intended for the personalization of our applications for all our markets. You will also work on the evolution of data marketing and text mining services for internal purposes as well as for publishers.

Nextory distributes 900 000 fiction and non-fiction books to our users globally, this offers with a broad variety of interests and intentions in terms of individual consumption. Every unique user is looking for their next book to indulge on our platform, let’s make this easy for them through ML!

It’s time to elaborate, your mission will mainly consist of driving the following points:

  • Develop, evaluate, implement and evolve collaborative filtering and topic modeling algorithms
  • Deploy the algorithms in collaboration with the Tech & Product teams within an A/B testing framework
  • Metadata optimization of content as well as developing metadata prediction models
  • Creation of new content representation dimensions

Preferred experience

To be successful in this role we believe that you are a team player with a genuine interest in creating value for our users, partners and the business. We believe that you have a couple of years experience from working in a similar role at a fast-moving company. We believe that you enjoy working in a dynamic and unpretentious environment and that you have great communication skills in English. We believe you have, for the field, relevant educational background e.g computer science or statistics.
Your technical environment and skills needed:

Python (scikit-learn, pandas)
Recommender systems
NLP (principalement tokenization, POS, Lemmatization, Speech-to-Text)
Classic approach of Machine Learning
SQL / BigQuery
Web scraping

A unique and exciting challenge is waiting for you and we are looking forward to your application which should include a CV or LinkedIn profile. Also, we would love a pitch of why you are the person we are looking for!

Recruitment process

1 phone call (in french or english) with the Recommendation Engine Lead (Jeremy)
1 e-meeting with Sandra (HR) and Jeremy (in english)
1 e-meeting with Ninos (CTO and co-Founder) and Jeremy (in english)
1 use case to tackle at home
1 final e-meeting with Ninos (CTO and co-Founder) and Jeremy to let you go through your conclusions (in english)



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