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DevOps/Cloud Engineer with IT Experience

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Début : 23 juin 2024
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Expérience : > 1 an
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Whitelab Genomics
Whitelab Genomics

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WhiteLab Genomics was founded with the belief that life-saving drugs should be accessible to all patients in need. United in our vision, we’ve become a part of Y Combinator, French Tech 2030, Future 40 by Station F, and we’ve been recognized by The Galien Foundation (”Best Startup” category), among other institutions at the forefront of technology. Today, we strive to become the leading expert in A.I. for genomic medicine, operating as the go-to partner for research and development.

In this critical and multifaceted role, you will lead the maintenance, development, and fortification of our AI/IT infrastructure for genomic medicine. We’re in the process of setting up and scaling our Cloud infrastructure, and you’ll play a valuable role in helping us scale up, leading the charge in optimizing our cloud services, streamlining workflows, and ensuring seamless integration with our DevOps practices and automation frameworks. To scale our current architecture to a higher level, you will help us identify our current bottlenecks, propose new Cloud based solutions, implement them, and help users to use them, allowing for enhanced efficiency. Fostering an atmosphere of productivity and teamwork, your expertise will drive our mission towards greater technological excellence and innovation.

This is an incredible opportunity to work on a diversity of engaging tasks in a hybrid role, forming the infrastructure of a vibrant start-up that seeks to make an impact on the future of healthcare –- you’ll play a crucial role in helping revolutionize genomic medicine with AI.

Our Core Values:

We Believe that Care is Everything.

We Value our Collective Potential

We Cultivate Proactive Communication, Clarity and Respect

We Have a Can-Do Attitude

We Strive for Excellence

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We’re Eager to Meet You If…

  • You’re proficient in DevOps methodologies and tools, including proven experience in implementing robust continuous integration, continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, infrastructure as code (IaC), and automated testing frameworks

  • You have demonstrated experience with coding (preferably Python) for automation tasks and infrastructure management and team interactions for orchestration tasks

  • You have expertise in cloud services (AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud), with a track record of designing, deploying, and managing scalable cloud-based infrastructure solutions tailored to business needs. Your comprehensive understanding of cloud services will enable seamless integration with DevOps practices and automation workflows

  • You have at least 1 year of prior hands-on experience in managing IT equipment, tools, and issues at a tech company (preferably a tech start-up) and excel in administering SharePoint and email systems, ensuring smooth operations and user support

  • You possess great problem solving ability and can work autonomously

  • You have expertise in hardware, software, and network systems

  • You can manage pipelines, optimizing workflows for efficient deployment and delivery

  • Your interpersonal skills allow you to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams, including researchers, data scientists, business development professionals, and support functions

  • You can adapt to a dynamic and rapidly evolving industry, staying on top of the latest IT advancements

  • You have excellent verbal and written communication skills and have experience interfacing with stakeholders and users in English - French proficiency is a plus!

  • You’re knowledgeable of standard practices for access control models, data protection regulations, IT security, and compliance protocols

Here’s How You’ll Make an Impact…

  • You’ll provide strategic and technical leadership to all of our teams, guiding the development and implementation of innovative solutions towards orchestration, CI/CD and security standards

  • You’ll set up and manage CI/CD pipelines to automate processes

  • You’ll write automation scripts to automate routine orchestration tasks and manage our infrastructure efficiently

  • You’ll design, deploy, and manage scalable cloud-based infrastructure solutions

  • You’ll integrate cloud services with DevOps practices and automation workflows

  • You’ll oversee the operation and maintenance of IT tools and infrastructure, ensuring reliability, performance, and security

  • You’ll manage user roles, permissions, and access control for Cloud services, SharePoint, and email systems in compliance with data protection regulations

  • You’ll administer and optimize SharePoint and other collaboration tools to enhance team productivity

  • You’ll ensure all technology systems and platforms operate reliably and efficiently

  • You’ll implement and maintain security policies and procedures, conducting regular audits to ensure compliance with industry standards

  • You’ll provide technical support, resolving issues related to hardware, software, network problems, systems, and access permissions

  • You’ll manage and maintain all IT equipment and tools, ensuring they’re up to date and in good working condition

  • You’ll lead Cloud and Helpdesk projects from inception to completion, ensuring projects are delivered on time, within budget, and meet quality standards

  • You’ll implement best practices in IT operations and cybersecurity to safeguard company data and systems

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