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Solutions Engineer

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Who are they?

Wezen is a tech startup, business unit within the Datawords Group.
Created in 2017 we are today a team of 20 wezers in two offices: Paris and Manila.

At Wezen we reinvent Semantic content (text) production to make it simple. That’s why we are building a SaaS platform where content owners, copywriters and translators collaborate in an innovative way to produce content at the highest quality level. Our key innovations (such as Semantic Distance Mapping) allow hidden content structures and correlations to be revealed​​​​​​​.

Wezen has recently hit a decisive milestone by having major clients (luxury sector, CAC40) purchasing Enterprise licences. That has fueled our ambition to build a European leader in content management software. Building the best product is only possible thanks to the commitment and creativity of our team: we are organised in Feature Teams and Guilds, autonomy in harmony is our motto

You want to be part of a team whose challenge is to build an awesome product.
For you being in a tech company is the only alternative.
For you, the Millennium Falcon is not a bird species

Want to know more about Wezen?Company culture, teams, technical stack, jobs... Let's go for an immersion!
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Job description

The solutions engineer team faces the following challenges: Implement Wezen for our clients and drive innovation.

Client oriented projects

Each solutions engineer is responsible for its own clients. It means that you will be responsible for the success of your projects.
To achieve so you will handle the following tasks:

  • Understand clients environment and processes
  • Build plans to integrate Wezen platform within this organization
  • Define users onboarding strategy
  • Supervise operations

Product oriented projects

Solutions engineers are also responsible for the improvement of the Wezen platform.
To achieve so you will handle the following tasks:

  • Drive development projects with outsourced providers
  • Collect users feedback then provide analysis
  • Check new features quality before the kick-off in production
  • Suggest improvements

Preferred experience

Must have:

  • Great analytical skills
  • Tech Lover
  • Fluency in English and French
  • Ability to discuss with a wide range of profiles (Developers, Translators, Copywriters, Clients)

Nice to have

  • Development skills
  • Experience in a foreign country

Recruitment process

  • No more cover letters!
  • One interview with a senior member of the Wezen Team
  • One interview with Wezen Head of Customer Success


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