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Welcome to the Jungle is a company that guides people through their working life. It helps them find the right position where they fit in and feel comfortable, bringing information, inspiration, and trends from the world of work. But on the other hand, it also helps to humanize the companies themselves, showing their authentic company culture and working to improve their Employer Brand.

It offers a wide range of quality content (articles, videos, series, or events) to make young professionals think that there is much more behind sustainable work than just good financial compensation.

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Welcome to the Jungle showcases over 200 company profiles, and globally users can preview over 5000 companies from four European countries. This allows candidates to get to know a company in a multimedia way from all sides - including photos, videos, and various statistics that serve as a source of valuable information. This makes it much easier for candidates to find colleagues they can really fit in with, a place where they will feel comfortable and find long-term employment.

But Welcome to the Jungle is not just about company profiles. Thanks to their sophisticated ATS (applicant tracking system), companies can also improve the recruitment process itself, the so-called Candidate Experience. Using the system, recruiters can share an unlimited number of job offers within their company profile and efficiently manage all responses to job offers from candidates, conveniently in one place.

What they are looking for

The team includes people across many disciplines from media production, multimedia production, and business, to photographers and videographers. The goal of Welcome to the Jungle has always been to create as diverse a team as possible, where everyone is pulling together and working towards a common success. This is a young project where those who want to see the real impact of their work, help (even international) growth, and are not afraid when given responsibility will feel most comfortable. A constant willingness to learn, flexibility, and an open-minded approach that allows the whole team to move forward is important.

Good to know

The Czech team started in November 2015 as a Proudly career showroom. From the beginning, they wanted to form a European international platform and, as they shared a similar vision with Frouncoz's Welcome to the Jungle, a strategic merger was made in early 2019. Thus, the assembled team started to operate in a new yellow and black "jersey", but still with the same vision. The company's corporate culture has taken a big step forward since then. Instead of being a punk startup, the international team has shifted to much more efficient processes, allowing the entire team to help even more clients and users. But they've still retained the startup energy and appetite to really change the job market.

Flexible working hours and home-office are a given. The office is the place to meet colleagues, clients, or candidates, but otherwise work can be done from anywhere. The team has many internal rituals, whether in the Czech Republic or in Paris, that allows the whole team to have transparency, to be educated, inspired, and even more to pull together. After each newcomer joins, there is an onboarding session in Prague and Paris, where the whole team loves to visit their French colleagues several times during the year. The company is based in Prague's Vinohrady district, just a short walk from Náměstí Míru, a location full of popular cafés, restaurants, and bistros... Of course, there is also a large terrace where colleagues regularly meet for meetings and celebrate their successes. They also like to spend time together after work at the various Jungle Activities or grab a good dinner and a drink.

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