Takara Bio

Takara Bio

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Career development

We believe in and encourage continuous learning and professional development. We offer dedicated training for motivated employees to learn skills which will help them thrive. Whether it's vertical or horizontal, we encourage flexibility and mobility within the company, and endeavour to provide resources to support the ambitions of all team members.

Testimonial from Gajen, Sales Manager UK

I joined Takara back in 2008, when the team was much smaller than it is today. I came straight from the lab and started as the Territory Manager, was later promoted to Senior Territory Manager, and now I am the Sales Manager for UK and Ireland.

I enjoy working in sales, as I am in control of my working hours, as well as how much I earn. Since becoming a senior manager, my role has included training and mentorship alongside sales. I enjoy mentoring and developing my team, helping them achieve their bonus and becoming better territory managers The mantra I constantly tell my team is “chase experience, not money. Money will come with experience.”

I think Takara is a great place where people are trusted, allowed to gain experience and, essentially, carve out their own career path. I don’t think I would be a sales manager if I hadn't been given the freedom to develop my skills


All new hires begin with an onboarding focused on getting to know the company as well as their new role within it. This is an ongoing process and is tailored to the tasks of the role. For all employees, this includes one-on-one or small group meetings with each of the team leaders to hear about their role, in order to encourage connections between different departments. One component of the onboarding process is registration on our learning platform which is available to all employees and regularly updated with new content. 

If you are a student in France who wants to work at Takara while completing their degree (apprentissage en alternance, stages de fin d'études) drop us a line!

Crédit photo © Guillaume Mussau