Business Development internship

  • Stage (5 à 6 mois)
  • Début :  
  • Salaire entre €1.1K et €1.5K / mois
  • Paris
  • Télétravail partiel possible

La tribu



  • Big Data, E-commerce, Logistics
  • De 15 à 50 salariés

Le poste

Business Development internship

  • Stage (5 à 6 mois)
  • Paris
  • Télétravail partiel possible


Stockly permet aux e-commerçants de continuer à vendre même lorsqu’ils sont en rupture de stock en les connectant à un réseau de fournisseurs. En construisant le premier stock mutualisé, Stockly transforme la rupture de stock en force. En effet, près de 30% des consommateurs confrontés à ce problème abandonnent leur panier d’achat car un des produits souhaités était en rupture.

L’équipe de Stockly fait face à des défis variés aussi bien sur l’aspect business que technique ou encore logistique. Internationale dès ses débuts, Stockly doit gérer des problématiques de variabilités de modèles et de volumes de données au quotidien.

Trois équipes s’attèlent à résoudre le sujet de la rupture de stock : Tech, Ops, Sales !

Job description

About Stockly

Stockly is a retail-tech company that targets to solve the problem of out-of-stock products in e-commerce. With our technology, e-retailers can keep selling out-of-stock products, making other retailers ship them directly to consumers. 

Our product is live across Europe and convinces more clients every day. Our mission is to create the world first global inventory for retail. To better understand what we do, check out our pitch at Techstars demo day.

We are looking for a smart and talented Customer Success to join the Operations team working closely with the Head of Operations.


To tackle our cross team challenges, you are a candidate willing to actively participate to the company development as key player of the Bizdev team alongside with our Head of Business. The main mission of this team is to reach out and sign new suppliers (Stockly partners who we buy stock from) to grow the business. You will

  • Generate new leads, qualify them and find the right contact to get in touch;
  • Negotiate terms with new partners and enlarge our supplier base;
  • Renegotiate existing contracts to improve item coverage;
  • Own our supplier bizdev pipeline and be responsible for it;
  • Build monitoring tools to report your progress;
  • Identify new features to make our bizdev processes more efficient and automated and our core product evolve according to business needs.

Each time you will face recurring tasks or pain points, you will be in charge of finding and implementing solution to tackle this and help the company and team move to next stage.

Preferred experience


  • You are a smart & quick learner
  • You love learning from others and humbly sharing knowledge with them
  • You are hard working
  • You are well-organized & efficient
  • You pay attention to detail
  • You speak English and French fluently.

Recruitment process

  1. Short exercise
  2. 20min video-call
  3. One hour face-to-face interview with the Head of Business

Meet the Stockly team

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Business Development internship

  • Stage (5 à 6 mois)
  • Début :  
  • Salaire entre €1.1K et €1.5K / mois
  • Paris
  • Télétravail partiel possible
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