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R&D Scientist (H/F) - CDI

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R&D Scientist (H/F) - CDI

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Stilla Technologies is a Life sciences company whose mission is to improve health by offering researchers and clinicians worldwide solutions for high precision genetic analysis.

Since 2016, Stilla Technologies has empowered researchers with the naica® system, a solution that enables to detect & quantify nucleic acid with unprecedented precision.

The naica® system supports a wide range of genetic tests and molecular biology assays — including liquid biopsy tests for cancer diagnostics, viral load quantification, GMO detection, etc… Overall, the naica® system superior performances make it a preferred technology for precision medicine research and therapeutic monitoring.

Stilla® advises and supports its customers worldwide with a multidisciplinary team, whose expertise spans from microfluidics and chemistry to molecular biology and computer science. Stilla’s talented and multidisciplinary team shares a passion for building successful Life Science and Diagnostic products based on deep technological innovations.

Job description

Missions for the Scientist:

To support the expansion of our research and innovation team, we are seeking a Molecular Biologist
to drive the innovation of cutting-edge multiplex digital PCR products.

The principal missions of the post are to:

  1. Conceive and carry out R&D experiments and ensure data analysis to test and troubleshoot
    innovative solutions in DNA and RNA detection.
  2. Be a force of proposition and driver of innovative digital PCR technologies and applications.
  3. Ensure the timely advancement of priority projects by respecting key deadlines.
  4. Ensure the traceability of all R&D procedures, protocols and results needed to interpret results
    and transfer information within the Innovation team or to other internal teams or external
    partners in accordance with ISO13485 QMS.
  5. Generate detailed data reports based on in-depth data analyses.
  6. Support internal training and communications necessary to ensure timely transfer of key
    technical knowledge to R&D development teams.
  7. Stay up to date and transmit cutting edge nucleic acid detection and quantification
    technologies and applications and digital PCR and genomics techniques to the R&D teams.
  8. Ensure the traceability of all performed experiments and their results
  9. Report regularly to hierarchy

Preferred experience

Our ideal candidate:

• Has a Masters or PhD specializing in Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry or a
related discipline.
• Has experience in DNA and RNA detection technologies (ex. qPCR, digital PCR, NGS) and other
multiplexed detection techniques (ex. flow cytometry, mass spectrometry).
• Innovative, proactive, solution driven and thinks out of the box.
• Embraces high goals and a desire to drive technical innovations for the life sciences.
• Self-directed with strong initiative, excellent communication and reporting skills and an ability
to work autonomously.
• Must be adaptable, organized, rigorous and results oriented.
• Adept at working in a team with strong team spirit.
• Skilled at multi-tasking and working flexibly around schedules in a fast-paced environment.
• Must speak English and French.
• Is motivated by ambitious objectives and willing to bring significant contributions to science
and medicine

Recruitment process

Why join us?
• Build amazing tools for the Life Sciences & Diagnostics in a challenging environment!
• Join a young and dynamic Life Science company
• Work with a team who shares a passion for building successful Life Science Products based on
deep technological innovations.
• Bring significant contributions to concrete products

Main office: Paris- area (Villejuif Biopark

Meet the team

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