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R&D Laboratory Manager (H/F) - CDI

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R&D Laboratory Manager (H/F) - CDI

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Stilla Technologies is a Life sciences company whose mission is to improve health by offering researchers and clinicians worldwide solutions for high precision genetic analysis.

Since 2016, Stilla Technologies has empowered researchers with the naica® system, a solution that enables to detect & quantify nucleic acid with unprecedented precision.

The naica® system supports a wide range of genetic tests and molecular biology assays — including liquid biopsy tests for cancer diagnostics, viral load quantification, GMO detection, etc… Overall, the naica® system superior performances make it a preferred technology for precision medicine research and therapeutic monitoring.

Stilla® advises and supports its customers worldwide with a multidisciplinary team, whose expertise spans from microfluidics and chemistry to molecular biology and computer science. Stilla’s talented and multidisciplinary team shares a passion for building successful Life Science and Diagnostic products based on deep technological innovations.

Job description

The principal missions of the R&D Laboratory Manager are to:

To support the expansion of our growing R&D laboratories and facilities, we are seeking an R&D Lab Manager.

Operational aspects
• Ensure availability and traceability of R&D laboratory stocks by working with our Product Buyer and accounting team to order and ensure supplies (chemicals, reagents, personal protective equipment, etc.).
• Maintain up to date records of all R&D inventory, purchase order, delivery note and budget records.
• Oversee the cleaning and sanitizing of the R&D labs and equipment and ensure regular waste removal through a removal service.
• Participate to ensure the reparation and validation of R&D naica® system instruments (routine annual validation and punctual validation after instrument maintenance/reparation by our production team).
• Participate to ensure the availability and validation of R&D naica® system reagents (including but not limited to validation and reference reagents).
• Identify, optimize and implement lab organizational tools and protocols to manage better the R&D lab spaces in accordance with the R&D manager.
• Carry out and ensure the completion of diverse priority R&D laboratory management tasks as defined by the R&D manager.

Quality compliance
• Work closely with our Quality and Regulatory Assurance team to ensure compliance with all ISO 13485 regulatory requirements and future diagnostic/clinical requirements.
• Conduct laboratory and equipment inspections as necessary.
• Write, update, and review internal R&D laboratory protocols (ex. Standard Operating Procedures & Standard Working Instructions) and molecular biology lab protocols in collaboration with the Quality and R&D teams.
• Work collaboratively with the R&D team and other cross-functional internal teams including the Quality and Regulatory team to ensure the correct functioning of the R&D laboratories.

Training and Safety aspects
• Ensure that all R&D members and laboratory personnel have been trained to understand and implement the R&D laboratories’ standard workflow and to use laboratory equipment and supplies safely and efficiently.
• Update and maintain laboratory safety plan and enforce policies around personal protective equipment.
• Work closely with the CSE (Comité Social et Economique) to establish, carry out and enforce the Hygiene and Security responsibilities at Stilla.
• Schedule and give safety training for new personnel or personnel entering new roles.
• Participate to the onboarding of new Stilla members as defined by the R&D manager.

Communication and Collaboration
• Present clear and concise written and oral communications (to the R&D teams and to other teams when relevant) regarding laboratory organization/management/protocols in accordance with the R&D manager.
• Communicate and interface with all R&D teams to: (i) inform them of important changes or updates regarding the R&D laboratories/equipment/reagent validation, and (ii) gather R&D laboratory equipment/usage needs and their consumables and reagents forecasts.
• Communicate and interface with the production team to ensure R&D consumable chip supplies and R&D instrument needs.
• Report regularly to the R&D manager.
• Document and ensure the traceability of all performed tasks and their outcomes.

Preferred experience

Our ideal candidate:

• Has a BTS/License or M.Sc. specializing in Molecular Biology, Biotechnology or related disciplines
• Has at least 2 years of proven experience in Molecular Biology laboratory management, preferably managing a ISO13485 and/or in-vitro diagnostics laboratory
• Has at least 2 years of experience working in a Molecular Biology laboratory
• Must be adaptable, highly organized, and rigorous
• Exhibits a strong team spirit, taking the initiative to help others if needed
• Has excellent communication skills and is open to sharing information and knowledge
• Feels responsible for the advancement of tasks, a high-quality work level and meeting deadlines
• Must be fluent in French and technical English
• Skilled at multi-tasking and working flexibly around schedules in a fast-paced environment
• Track record of creativity and problem-solving ability

Recruitment process

Why join us?
• Build amazing tools for the Life Sciences & Diagnostics in a challenging environment!
• Join a young and dynamic Life Science company growing at a 3-digit pace!
• Work with a team who shares a passion for building successful Life Science Products based on deep technological innovations.
• Bring significant contributions to concrete products

Main office: Paris- area (Villejuif Biopark)

Meet the team

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